How Different Cities Across the World Are Fighting Over Tourism

Going on a trip is one of the best experiences that any person can take part in. The lockdown days during the pandemic proved that “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.” Now, many countries are seeing an increased number of travelers visiting their land in the post-pandemic years. It’s almost like they are trying to make up for the lost time! What most people never consider, though, is the impact that an increase in visitors has on local populations. This impact, which is often negative, has sparked outrage amongst locals in many different parts of the world. Here’s how some of these cities are essentially fighting back against tourists.

Mallorca & Ibiza Civil Unrest Over Tourists

Aerial view of La Seu, the gothic medieval cathedral of Palma de Mallorca in Spain
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Last month, locals took to the streets of Tenerife in the Canary Islands in Spain to protest the presence of tourists in the region. Some of the protesters mentioned at the time that their issue wasn’t with tourists per se. However, the growing presence of foreign travelers was making life on the island increasingly expensive. The main cry against the local government was that there were no strategies to combat the overreliance on tourism. Recently, Ibiza has passed local laws to crack down on public intoxication. A big issue that pits locals against tourists.

Barcelona Removing Routes on Google Maps

Aerial view shot of La Sagrada Familia Basilica Barcelona at sunrise.
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Barcelona is another Spanish city that’s been battling overtourism. Locals have gotten really creative to keep tourists from getting on public buses. There have apparently been some altercations between tourists and elderly locals who ride the bus. The city opted to remove the routes from Google Maps, which makes it harder for foreigners to learn how to use the public transportation system.

Bali’s Fines For Disorderly Conduct On Religious Sites

Tourist visiting at Pura ulun danu bratan temple in Bali, Indonesia.
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Bali is another city that’s been overrun by tourism in the last few years. This idea is a bit more understandable on the part of local authorities. They’ve now put in place a set of fines that people can be forced to pay if they happen to behave badly around religious sites. If you want to avoid paying any of these fines, it could be a good idea to research where the religious sites are near your destination. Of course, it’s essential to understand the rules and customs in these places if you decide to visit.

Amsterdam’s Hotel Room Limits

Flowers and bicycles on a bridge in Amsterdam.
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Amsterdam is another city that’s getting creative with the way that they’re trying to limit the number of tourists it takes in. Recently, they announced that there would be no grants to build new hotels within the main city. Also, their idea is to limit the number of hotel rooms that can be rented on a yearly basis. Exactly how this one is going to work is still up in the air because it’s not like every hotel operates at capacity around the clock. The city is actively limiting the amount of revenue this sector can generate just to ensure that not as many people stay within the city limits!

Venice Entry Fee

Gondola near Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy
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One of the biggest shocks of the year in the tourism industry came out of Venice, Italy. It’s been years since the city flirted with this idea. To be fair, this concept isn’t meant to fight over tourism but to generate revenue from it. Compared to the other places on the list, Venice is arguably still as welcoming as ever. The city just wants more money from tourists, that’s all.

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