The 10 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

There are many different vacation styles. Sometimes you want a quick getaway, maybe you’re craving a week-long beach vacation, or perhaps you’re seeking adventure. There’s no right or wrong way to travel, it’s all personal preference. But what if you like basing your travel destination on beauty and the awe factor? What if you like being blown away by incredible natural and man-made sights?

If this sounds like your travel style, then you’re going to want to take note of this list of the 10 most beautiful cities in the world. Each person will be unique in what they consider “beautiful” but this list offers a lot of variety, which means you’re bound to find a destination that speaks to you.

So let’s dive right in and look at 10 cities that are consistently rated as the most beautiful in the world by

Venice, Italy

Grand Canal and Basilica Santa Maria della Salute, Venice, Italy and sunny day
Image Credit: Shutterstock / ESB Professional

When the city of Venice is mentioned most people conjure up images of canals and waterways winding through historic buildings and under picturesque bridges. And the fact is, that’s pretty much the reality. Venice, Italy is nothing if not unique, which is why gives it such a high rating. You simply won’t find anything like it anywhere else in the world. Something you may not realize about the city is that as of 1987 it became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It’s such a popular tourist destination that over-tourism has become a huge concern for residents over the past decade or so. It is consistently listed as the most popular municipality with tourists in all of Italy.

Florence, Italy

Aerial view of Florence Cathedral (Duomo di Firenze), Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower, sunset golden hour, Italy
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Vunav

Where Florence, Italy shines is in the traditional architecture and culture. When you’re in Florence, it’s clear you’re in a beautiful Itay city as you are immersed in history. It’s almost as though you have stepped back in time as this city is all about art – more specifically the Renaissance period. Housed in the museums and galleries within Florence are pieces from such legendary artists as Sandro Botticelli, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Michelangelo. It doesn’t get better than that.

Besides the Renaissance era architecture, you will also see buildings in the Baroque and Gothic styles making for an intriguing mixture. There are plenty of Piazza’s to experience to get the true flavor and vibe of the city.

Rome, Italy

Colosseum in Rome, Italy.
Image Credit: Shutterstock / prochasson frederic.

Rome, Italy is another one that probably doesn’t need much explaining as to why it’s on the list of the most beautiful cities. The Colosseum alone is worth the trip to Rome, never mind other pieces of history such as the Roman Forum, the Pantheon, and the famous Trevi Fountain. Vatican City is also in Rome, where you can visit the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel.

This city is popular with couples, singles, families, and even students looking to learn more about history, architecture, and all the secrets Rome has.

Prague, Czech Republic

Scenic view of the Old Town pier architecture and Charles Bridge over Vltava river in Prague, Czech Republic.
Image Credit: Shutterstock / DaLiu

As Prague City Tourism explains, Prague is a real-life 3D architecture book. It’s as though lessons in architecture are jumping off the page and staring you straight in the face. The city is home to a fusion of styles that include Art Nouveau, Baroque, Gothic, Romanesque and even Cubist architecture. Tourists are often overwhelmed by the sheer beauty that lies before them.

If we were to try to come up with one downfall, it’s that there is a lot to cover in just one visit. Be sure to plan your time wisely and hit all the key points of interest.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik in Croatia
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Sharan Prasad Anumolu

This is a city that may surprise you to see on the list, but those who have traveled to Dubrovnik, Croatia can attest to its beauty. While much of Europe is known for being extremely expensive for international travelers, Dubrovnik is somewhat of an outlier. You can still enjoy a reasonably priced vacation experience here without feeling like you’re making any sacrifices to quality.

Dubrovnik, just like all the other cities on this list, has notable and stunning architecture to explore. But more so, it’s the natural beauty, the landscape, and the scenery that will tug at your heartstrings. It has been dubbed as the “Pearl of the Adriatic” offering both historic sites and culture perched on a calming and tranquil coastline.

And just in case you didn’t already know, it also happens to be a big filming location for the popular HBO series Game of Thrones. The fictional “Red Keep” is Lovrijenac Fort.

Vienna, Austria

Panorama of the St. Charles Church (Karlskirche) in Vienna with sculpture and fountain during a sunset with clouds
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Guniva

Those who have visited the city of Vienna in Austria, often describe it as romantic, vibrant, lovely, and filled with life. It’s the kind of city that seems to ooze beauty. Much of this can be traced back to Vienna’s powerful history within Europe, as it was once home to the Habsburg Empire. The city is dotted with Baroque, Art Nouveau, and Gothic styles, all of which are equally impressive.

Some of the most beautiful attractions and places of interest in Vienna include Belvedere Palace, Schönbrunn Palace, St. Charles’s Church, the Vienna State Opera, The Albertina, and of course Hofburg Palace.

Santorini, Greece

Hillside view through an open window with blue shutters of the blue dome church, caldera, sea and white village of Oia on the island of Santorini, Greece.
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Kirk Fisher

Those who love Mediterranean architecture and the laidback lifestyle simply must visit Santorini, Greece. This is just one of Greece’s many notable islands, but this one is known for its landscape and volcanic beaches. The white-washed buildings with pops of blue, yellow, and red as accent doors and ornate iron make for an almost unbelievable picture.

What also stands out about Santorini is that you get a taste of tradition here. Sure, modern conveniences exist, but they don’t overshadow the simpler times when life seemed a little less hectic.

Barcelona, Spain

Sagrada Familia cathedral in spring, Barcelona, Spain
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Mistervlad

Finally, we’ve got Barcelona, Spain which is the perfect blend of a busy city with architecture from a different time. Beyond a doubt, the most popular attraction in the city is the Sagrada Familia. It is so iconic that it is often the first thing people visit when arriving in Barcelona. The cathedral was designed by Antoni Gaudi and is like no other. But that’s not everything, Barcelona also offers the Gothic Quarter, the Picasso Museum of Barcelona, Park Guell, Palau de la Música, the Boqueria Market, and more.

Budapest, Hungary

Cityscape image of Budapest, capital city of Hungary with Margaret Bridge and Hungarian Parliament Building at sunset.
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Rudy Balasko

Budapest, Hungary has plenty of unique features, but the fact the city is split in two often comes as a surprise to travelers. The Danube River runs through the middle of the city, so one side is called Buda and you guessed it – the other side is called Pest. The bridge was constructed back in 1849 to join the two halves.

What you’ll find in your exploring is that each one has beauty and plenty of attractions, but they also have a distinct personality. This means if you plan to visit Budapest, you need to explore both sides of the Danube River.

Paris, France

Sunset Eiffel tower and Paris city view form Montparnasse
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Kotkoa

What can we say about Paris, France that hasn’t been said already? Not only is it one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but it’s also one of the most visited cities in all of Europe. Whether it is a bucket-list trip, or the city you return to yearly, Paris has something about it that gets into your soul and just calls to you.

Some of the highlights of Paris include the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre Museum, the Champs Élysées, Notre Dame Cathedral, and so much more. There’s no explanation needed as pretty much every feature of Paris is beautiful.

One of the best ways to explore the city and feel like you are part of the culture is to travel by bike. There are plenty of stalls and shops where you can rent one.

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