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Dips and Trips is your source for travel information, points & miles tips, food overviews, crafting guides, Disney & so much more.

Dips and Trips was founded by Chris Lewis, who has collected millions of frequent flyer miles, traveled to dozens of countries all over the world. This included a round the world trip spanning the course of 16 flights, over 3 months, visiting every continent except Antartica. He is also the founder of Pelo Buddy, and the co-founder of Mud Run Guide.

Cressie Lewis is a crafting, sewing, and Disney expert who has been featured on PBS, The Mary Sue, Mashable, and more. She has competed in national costuming contests including those at San Diego Comic Con, and was a top 10 finalist for Disney’s D23 Halloween Mousequarade. She is the founder of Home and Geek.

Dips and Trips official pet mascot is Muffin, who is a rescue from a local rescue program where Chris & Cressie live.
Our team consists of several other contributors from around the world with various backgrounds.
Chris Lewis, Cressie Lewis, and Muffin of Dips and Trips.

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