Eco Lodge: Etendeka Mountain Camp in Namibia

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Set scenically at the foothills of the Grootberg Massif in the north of Damaraland, award-winning Etendeka Mountain Camp is surrounded by ancient basalt boulders, eroded by ages of wind and weather and scattered about the desolate plains and hilltops of this unforgiving region.

This wonderful eco-camp focuses on sustainable tourism, providing its guests with comfortable accommodation, fun activities and great food. Accommodation is available in ten meru tents, all of which are equipped with a bathroom, flush toilets, cold and hot running water, and fantastic outdoor bucket showers. The water, in the bathrooms as well as in the camp’s kitchen, is heated with solar power, which is also used for lighting and other (small) electric appliances. The tents, as comfortable and well-equipped as they are, can’t be described as luxurious—this is a rustic, relatively basic place, best categorized as close-to-nature, comfortable and safe. Etendeka Mountain Camp is ideal for people who are looking for an authentic experience in the wilds of Namibia, are willing to deal with the occasional bug and are up for what can be described as comfortable, eco-friendly camping.

The kitchen and dining room are found in the communal tent. Meals are wholesome and basic, yet delicious and filling, and prepared with fresh products and produce on solar-powered stoves or outside on open fires. The communal tent was constructed with local rocks, wood, thatch and wire mesh, flanked by a rock wall on only one side to block the prevailing wind, leaving the three other sides open so that guests can enjoy the spectacular views.

Damaraland’s rugged landscapes may not be the ideal environment for humans, but it is a place where many animals seem to thrive. Desert-adapted animals that call this region of basalt mountains and green riverbeds home include large herds of oryx, desert elephants, prides of lions, solitary cheetahs, majestic black rhinos and mountain zebras. Snake eagles soar the blue sky, while scorpions find their way through the volcanic rocks.

The most popular activity at Etendeka Mountain Camp is game drives, popularly known as safaris. These 4WD trips are done with open vehicles that offer great visibility and allow guests to take photographs. The camp’s knowledgeable guides are responsible for tracking the animals. Additionally, guests can opt to explore the camp’s surroundings on foot and, by doing so, learn more about the smaller flora and fauna of Damaraland, about animal tracking, and about the region’s geology.

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