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At Elsa’s Kopje, guests are able to immerse themselves in the African wilderness, enjoy solitude and seclusion, and spot basically all iconic African wildlife. This eco-lodge is located in the very heart of Meru National Park and comprises no fewer than 215,000 acres. The lodge lies on Mughwango Hill—the 360-degree views are jaw-dropping—and above the site of the former camp of George Adamson where he used to raise orphaned lion cubs, the playground of the iconic lion named “Elsa.”

The lodge’s spectacular and historic setting overlooking Meru National Park isn’t the only reason that this is such a renowned accommodation in Kenya. It also offers some of the most luxurious wilderness stays, organizes truly great safaris and is well-known for its conservation efforts—continuing the legacy of George Adamson.

Meru National Park is a remote and wild park, a place that hardly anyone ever visited before this lodge existed. The horrific results of poaching and hunting in the 1980s and 1990s—countless elephants were slaughtered and the rhino population was annihilated—pretty much eliminated any tourism in the park that did exist. It got so bad that the Kenyan government supposedly even considered de-proclaiming the area’s national park status. Despite all this, a couple of passionate wildlife enthusiasts thought there was an immense potential there—after several years of negotiating and lobbying, approval to build a lodge was granted. Elsa’s Kopje opened in 1999 and almost singlehandedly saved Meru National Park. Nowadays, game numbers are back to what they were and the area is regarded as one of the very best for safaris in Kenya.

Wildlife that lives around the lodge includes all iconic African animals, from buffalo and giraffes, to zebras and elephants, to lions and leopards, and even both black and white rhinos.

When staying at Elsa’s Kopje (now part of Elewana), guests essentially have the entire immensity that is Meru National Park to themselves. Game drives are arguably the most popular activities. Led by local, certified guides, these game drives happen in open 4WD vehicles, specifically designed for this purpose and allowing plenty of room for photography. Evening and nighttime drives are organized as well, offering a completely different experience. Additional excursions include trips to the Tana River and a visit to the national park’s rhino sanctuary.

At the lodge itself, guests can enjoy massages and spa treatments, have breakfast in the bush or sunset dinners, or simply relax at the pools.

Accommodation is available in six open-fronted cottages offering breathtaking views of the park below, a family cottage, three honeymoon suites, and a private house.

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