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Feynan Ecolodge lies at the end of a bumpy dirt road, hidden deep in the mountainous Dana Biosphere Reserve. This idyllic and rustic, scenic and atmospheric lodge is located right in the middle of Wadi Feynan, an ancient golden and brown desert featuring towering rock cliffs and imposing mountains. This superb award-winning lodge is the most advanced ecolodge in Jordan, offering its guests a truly unique desert experience, which is made possible by the fruitful collaboration between EcoHotels and Jordan’s Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, which is an NGO that protects the greatest natural treasures in the country, including the spectacular Dana Biosphere Reserve.

Its courtyards and rooms illuminated by candles made by local women, Feynan Ecolodge is an incredibly charming, atmospheric place to stay. Handicrafts and art, also locally designed, crafted and produced, adorn the walls and the furniture. The lodge consists of 26 bedrooms, divided into economy, standard and deluxe rooms, all featuring an en-suite bathroom. Communal areas in and around the lodge include a variety of terraces offering beautiful views, a great spot to read or simply a place to relax in the shade; a dining area where guests can enjoy a typical Arabian breakfast and buffet dinners under the stars; a library with a fireplace; and a panoramic rooftop terrace. Additionally, there are meeting rooms, a shop, and candle and leather workshops.

Feynan Ecolodge offers more than simply enjoying the views and relaxation. The activities on offer actively encourage guests to go out and explore the magnificent landscapes that surround the building. There is plenty of time to relax in the mornings and evenings while staying at Feynan Lodge, so, during the day, guests are invited to partake in activities such as hiking, mountain biking and canyoning. Calmer things to do range from cooking lessons to visits to local communities and nighttime star gazing.

All these activities are as low-impact as possible, meant to allow nature exploration and cultural immersion but without leaving any trace. And that is not all; there is more to Feynan Lodge than only sustainable activities. This model ecolodge is completely solar-powered, has natural ventilation, uses as little paper and plastic as possible, and gets all of its water from a nearby spring. This lodge is a pioneer in Jordan when it comes to ecotourism, an example for any other accommodation in the country. Moreover, a part of the lodge’s income goes to conservation efforts in the Dana Biosphere Reserve, which boasts the highest biodiversity of any area in Jordan.

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