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Situated at the top of Semaphore Hill within Panama‘s Soberania National Park, a short distance from the Panama Canal, Canopy Tower overlooks a verdant area of rain forest. The tower is a magnificent spot for bird watching, which is precisely why many of the guests decide to stay there.

Canopy Tower is without question one of the world’s unique eco-lodges, a tall tower with bedrooms among the treetops and boasting a world-class observation platform. The tower has windows facing out in every direction, on various floors, which offers permanently great bird watching opportunities. The dining room overlooks the rain forest, as do the hammocks and couches in the communal areas.

Accommodation is available on three different floors and in a variety of room types. The ground floor is where the main lobby is located. On the first floor, the five single rooms are the most “basic” accommodations. They come with ceiling fans, a large windows and a table, and all share a bathroom. The Harpy Eagle Suite is also on the first floor, featuring two big windows, two twin beds, a private bathroom, a desk and a ceiling fan. The lodge’s second suite, the Blue Cotinga Suite, lies on the second floor. This is the finest room in the tower, equipped with two twin beds, two large windows, a private bathroom with window, and a balcony and a hammock. Lastly, the five canopy rooms complete the second floor. These rooms have two twin beds, one window, a private bathroom with window and a desk.

The communal areas at Canopy Tower are great places to simply sit and read, or lounge and watch the birds fly by. There are indoor hammocks, sofas and comfortable chairs; there is a library, Wi-Fi and a computer for guests to use. These communal areas are also where guests can plan the next day’s excursion with the local guides.

Canopy Tower’s star attraction is the observation deck, located 50 feet above the ground and boasting a striking geotangent dome. This 360-degree platform offers fantastic views in all direction and is where the best wildlife photos are taken.

Birding is the premier activity at this unique eco-lodge. No fewer than 380 bird species—more than half of the number of bird species in the whole of North America—are seen in this relatively small area. There are various birding and nature packages on offer, ranging from 5-night packages to 20-night packages. These packages may include birding excursions, cultural tours, history-filled days and other wildlife watching trips.

There are also activities for non-birders, including excursions to the Panama Canal, Panama City, Barro Colorado Island in Gatun Lake and the Embera Drua Indian Village.

In terms of sustainable tourism, Canopy Tower implements various eco-friendly practices. There is no air-conditioning; there are 21 solar panels and energy-saving light bulbs are used. Grey water is reused in the gardens. Fresh water comes from the nearby Filo del Tallo Hydrological Reserve. Waste is recycled, organic waste composted and used in the gardens.

Materials with which the tower was built, including marble, wood and furniture, are reused materials from other local buildings. Moreover, the tower itself is actually a refurbished defense installation. Everything at the Canopy Tower is aimed at sustainability and at minimizing its ecological footprint.

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