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Chan Chich Lodge could be considered to be the number one eco-lodge in Belize. This remarkable retreat is situated within its own private 30,000-acre nature reserve in the middle of “La Selva Maya.” This superb location opens up a huge variety of possibilities for outdoor activities.

Bird watching is one of the most popular things to do at Chan Chich, so popular even that this is the sole reason some visitors stay at the lodge. Surrounded by lush forests, the lodge offers guests the chance to spot iconic birds such as toucans, parrots and hummingbirds, but also less-known species such as hawk eagles, lovely cotingas and rose throated tanagers—more than 350 species of birds live in the reserve. Bird-watching excursions take place on foot or in vehicles; the most fruitful of trips are a combination of both.

Additionally, guests can also go on hiking trips and walks in the area. The lodge has a hiking trail network of more than nine miles long, which offers visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the stunning natural environment. Walks can be guided or self-guided and range from archaeological walks to medicinal walks and night walks. Other things to do at and around Chan Chich include canoeing on Laguna Verde, horseback riding and going on night drives, which offers the best chance to spot predators such as pumas, ocelots and jaguars.

Chan Chich Lodge is set at the plaza of a centuries-old Mayan city, which makes it unique in the world of eco-lodges. Staying there is guaranteed to be a cultural experience as guests will be surrounded by history and archaeological sites.

Accommodation is available in two three-bed “casitas” with thatched roof, in twelve thatched-roof “cabanas” and in one beautifully decorated two-bedroom “villa.” All these structures are designed and constructed to blend in perfectly into their natural surroundings, being built with natural materials and featuring only natural colors. The lodge also includes a nice restaurant, a fully stocked bar, a screened-in pool and a Jacuzzi.

This is a recommended place to stay for avid birders, nature enthusiasts, adventure-minded travelers and anyone in need of a true getaway.

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