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There are two main reasons to stay at Campi Ya Kanzi. The first one is the authentic cultural exchange with the Maasai people; the second is the chance to do some of the most epic safariing in Africa. This boutique eco-lodge, nicknamed the “camp of the hidden treasure”, is situated amid the striking Chyulu Hills in southern Kenya and is surrounded by three national parks. Mount Kilimanjaro is visible in the distance.

The lodge focuses on offering its guests the most unforgettable safari experience possible, while doing everything to preserve the local Maasai culture and conserve the area’s natural habitats. It is generally regarded as one of the most impressive eco-friendly safari lodges in Kenya. This is a luxury lodge, boasting five-star accommodations, that offers extraordinary wilderness adventures, mouthwatering food and the opportunity to immerse oneself into the renowned Maasai culture. The fact that Campi Ya Kanzi was constructed in collaboration with and on the grounds owned by the local Maasai people of the Kuku Group Ranch, a vast 283,000-acre reserve, only attests to its intrinsic eco-friendly nature.

Campi Ya Kanzi focuses on trying to improve local communities, on sustainable tourism and on conserving wildlife and ecosystems.

The camp consists of six luxury tented bungalows and two tented suites. They can accommodate one or two guests, making the maximum occupancy of the tented camp sixteen. This seemingly low number ensures that each guest has a peaceful, convenient and personal experience. Each bungalow and suite also has its very own Maasai attendant. Additionally, larger groups of guests can opt to stay at the Kanzi house, a luxurious villa with two twin rooms and three double rooms. This villa also has its own swimming pool with rainwater, fire pit, an al-fresco dining area and breathtaking view of Mount Kilimanjaro.

The number one reason people choose to stay at this luxury eco-lodge is the opportunity to take part in a variety of sustainable outdoor activities. These range from horseback riding to meditating, fly camping and visiting an elephant camp.

However great these activities may sound, there is one that tops them all—the chance to go on an actual, real safari. Safaris used to be more nothing more than hunting and tracking expeditions before the word came to refer to the popular game drive. At Campi Ya Kanzi, guests can experience what a real safari is all about. With a local Maasai guide, they head out into the wilderness to track animals, read footprints, identify scats and hike deep into the cloud forest of the Chyulu Hills.

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