What Cities to Avoid This Year if You Want to Keep Your Trip on a Budget

This summer, plenty of Americans are headed to the skies to explore the world. Once they arrive at their destination, however, they may realize that things are more expensive than they bargained for. This is a real-life scenario that’s probably happening to a lot of people who have smartly booked their trips well in advance. Ten months ago, prices at some of these destinations weren’t where they are now. Therefore, planning a last-minute trip to any of these places would not be a great strategy if you want to stay on budget.

Paris France

Paris Eiffel Tower and river Seine at sunset in Paris, France
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Paris may end up being the most visited city in the entire world this year. The capital of France has a high natural flow of tourists who want to take in the sights every year. In 2024, however, the city is hosting the Olympics. City officials have decided to capitalize on this, so they raised the prices for museums and even the Subway system. Not to mention the fact that finding a hotel room at this point, particularly within the city center, for June or July is seemingly impossible. If you do find something, it likely won’t be budget-friendly.

Japan In General

Koriyama Castle in Nara Japan.
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Ironically, visiting Japan this year can be a bit of a tourist trap. Many travelers are headed to the Asian country to take advantage of an unusually low Yen, the local currency. Local authorities have recognized this and have also taken advantage of it, just like in Paris. Tickets for the famous express trains that allow people to move across the country with ease have increased for foreign tourists. Different islands have decided to impose entry fees on tourists. There are also fees that tourists have to pay as they leave the country. Some of these may seem like cents on the dollar, but Japan is actively trying to fight overtourism. Therefore, foreigners are often getting charged more than locals throughout the country.

Venice Italy

Gondola near Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy
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Rome is one of the cities that more Americans are looking to travel to this summer. Any trip to Venice usually starts with a stop in Rome, whether it be at the airport or as part of a tour of multiple European cities. The reason Venice, in particular, made the list is the tax that travelers are being asked to pay when they enter the city. As is the case with Japan, the fee is not over the top. Venice, however, is not a cheap destination to begin with. It may be in all tourists’ best interest to avoid some of these cities that have been fighting over tourism for a while. Otherwise, many of these cities can find themselves on next year’s list with even heftier fees for travelers to contend with.

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun coast on sunset.
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Mexico, in general, is, at least for now, not the cost-effective destination it used to be. Just a few years back, one dollar granted you 20 Mexican Pesos to spend at a travel destination like Cancun. That rate is now between 16 and 17 pesos per dollar. On top of that, prices in Cancun, in particular, keep going up. Last summer, hotel room rates were up 11% from the year before. This year, the peso issue may make the percentage not as high, but your money is worth much less. It’s not that you can’t justify Cancun on a budget, but if you traveled here a few years ago, and you come back, you’re going to feel just how much more expensive it currently is.

The Greek Isles

White architecture of Oia village on Santorini island, Greece
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There’s a workaround in this scenario. You can pick islands that aren’t as popular and get a similar experience on a smaller budget. The big issue with Mykonos, or Santorini, is that more travelers are headed here than ever before, and there’s just insufficient infrastructure to accommodate everyone. This means that you’ll have to pay more to sit at a restaurant or get into a local club. Paying more doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to avoid the crowds, either. Knowing that, it may be time to look for another island to explore.

London, UK

Big Ben in sunny day, London
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London is never a city that tops any favorite budget traveler’s list. This year, things could get even worse thanks to the influx of American travelers. Delta Air Lines recently released internal data that indicated the UK’s capital was going to be the most visited destination for Americans. Plus, plenty of tourism that’s landing elsewhere in Europe may likely want to make a stop in London. All of this leads to the hypothesis that 2024 may not be the ideal year to head to vacation here.

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