Discover Your Ideal Retirement Spot: The 6 Best Places in New York

NYC is one of the most expensive cities to retire in or live in, for that matter. However, within the state of New York, if you look hard enough, you are bound to find some decent options. The folks at Insider Monkey ran the numbers and came up with an interesting list of the top places to retire within New York state. That’s an interesting wrinkle to keep in mind. Some of these places are not near the city, but they may be close enough to other places where you can enjoy the life that some big cities offer while living in a safe, affordable area. With that in mind, let’s get to the list!


Historic block of buildings, including the 1915Manufacters Hanover building
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This small town is south of Buffalo. In fact, if you want to experience some big city life, you’d be better off taking a road trip to Cleveland from here. The median home price here is $119,000, and the average rent costs $700 per month. Affordability is what got this town on the list! Also, there are many senior citizen communities in the area, which helped its cause as well.


Dunkirk Lighthouse (Point Gratiot Light), New York
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This town is on the shores of Lake Erie. It’s one of those places that can be great for people who’ve always envisioned retirement in a cabin within a small community. You may have to drive into town for goods, which could be an issue as the years pile on. Yet, for active retirees, this could be a great option. It’s even cheaper than Olean, with median home prices hovering under 100k. You could rent out a place with a similar budget. Winters can get rough here, but summers greet you with amazing views and plenty of things to do!


New York State Capitol Building from West Capitol Park in Albany. New York
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Home prices in Albany could surprise more than a few retirees. With a median price of $80,000 there’s a great chance to find a good option at a decent price. Unlike some of the other cities on the list, Albany has much more to offer. One of the issues, for example, in both Dunkirk and Olean is the potential lack of healthcare facilities. That’s not something that you’re going to struggle with here. You’ve got parks to walk in and all sorts of events to attend. All of this without things getting too expensive!


Skyline of Rochester New York
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Health care is definitely not going to be an issue in Rochester. Apart from NYC, it may be the city in the state with the most modern amenities. You’ll be able to enjoy all sorts of restaurants. Many popular events take place here throughout the year. If you like a particular artist, for example, it’s more likely that they’ll make a Rochester stop than an Olean one. Again, the cost of living doesn’t skyrocket, at least compared to Albany.


Downtown Syracuse New York with view of historic buildings and fountain at Clinton Square.
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Retiring in a college town? Admittedly, the idea may not sound great for everyone. If you’re looking to live a rather active retirement in a place that’s close to home for you but may not be as expensive as the big city, Syracuse may just be the spot. You’re not going to be lacking any type of amenities here. Yes, it’s not as affordable as some of the other options on the list, but it does have a lot more to offer.


Buffalo City aerial view from the top of the City Hall in downtown Buffalo, New York, USA.
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This may be a controversial pick, but there are good reasons why it can be at the top of the list. In the last few years, a growing art scene has emerged in the city, which gives retirees more activities to enjoy. When it comes to modern amenities, you won’t have an issue there. The food here is arguably better than anywhere in the state besides NYC. With a median home price at $181,000, it isn’t dirt cheap to buy a home here, but you can live in better communities without the massive NYC-style splurge. The downside is the cold, but if you’re a New Yorker, that shouldn’t be too much of a concern… right?

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