Disney Parks Announce an Update to Its Iconic Star Tours Attraction for Spring 2024

Over the last few years, Disney has been updating its attractions, primarily by theming them to some of the newer movies or shows from the studio. Some of these updates haven’t necessarily sat well with traditionalists and regular parkgoers. However, Disney has decided to continue its plans, announcing updates to its iconic Star Tours attraction.

According to Disney Parks’ official site, the revamped attraction is set to feature cameos from Rosario Dawson’s Ahsoka character, Diego Luna’s Andor, and The Mandalorian. Yes, there’s also likely to be an appearance from Grogu, also known as Baby Yoda. There is no word yet on whether C3PO will remain the spaceship’s captain for the ride. It does seem, however, that this won’t necessarily be a significant overhaul of the attraction like the one in 2011 when the original Star Tours was replaced by the current version of the ride, “Star Tours – The Adventures Continue.”

These updates to the iconic ride are set to be unveiled during the “Season of the Force,” a special Star Wars-themed event at Disneyland starting on April 5th and running through June 2nd. Disney promises that parkgoers will be treated to Hyperspace Mountain and themed food and beverages during this time. There’s also a plan to change the regular fireworks show at the park to feature nods to the Star Wars franchise.

Three Disney Parks will receive the updated ride. Disneyland Park in California, where the “Season of the Force” will take place, is expected to host the grand opening of the new ride. The Star Tours rides at Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney World Resort in Florida will also be updated to feature the characters from the popular Disney Plus shows.

The decision to update an iconic ride to feature the characters of the popular TV series may not just be an effort on the part of Disney to get more Star Wars fans through its gates. It’s also being seen as a way to ensure these productions stay in the public eye. The recent writer’s strike pushed back the release date for some of these shows considerably. Andor’s second season, for example, was meant to have an August 2024 release. Due to the production delays, that date could be pushed back well into 2025.

Ashoka is another series that will be getting a second season, Disney confirmed in early January of this year. As with Andor, production was affected by the strike. This leaves Disney in a tough spot to ensure that subscribers to its platform don’t drop off due to the delays. As they wait for new seasons, fans can get a fix of their favorite series from the galaxy far, far away by heading to Disney Parks.

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