Eco Lodge: Posada Don Puerto Bemberg in Argentina

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A jungle boutique hotel in the Misiones jungle, just inland from the Parana River, which forms the border between Argentina and Paraguay, Posada Puerto Bemberg Lodge has a strategic location only a 35-minute drive from Iguazu Falls, one of South America’s greatest natural attractions.

The lodge is a renovated old jungle house, formerly owned by the Bemberg family, and still features the old colonial architecture and design. Don Puerto Bemberg Lodge offers accommodation in twelve superior rooms, one deluxe room and one suite, which has a private terrace overlooking the Parana River. All rooms are spacious, have high ceilings and are furnished with locally made furniture. Earthy colors dominate the interior, while pure cotton sheets and llama blankets offer extra comfort.

The restaurant serves food that combines fusion and haute cuisine, its menu based on the seasons. Every season is characterized by its own colors, flavors, textures and temperatures, which is reflected in the dishes on the menu. Dishes feature native elements and have an international touch. Specialties include tropical fruit sauces, mate ice cream, caper sorubim fish, smashed manioc and chipa. Vegetables are grown in the lodge’s garden.

Other communal areas are the swimming pool, the library and living room, the wine cellar, the chapel and the viewpoint, which is accessed through the garden and provides stunning views of the river and the jungle.

There are a variety of sustainable activities on offer at Posada Puerto Bemberg Lodge. Guests can go on sailing trips on the Parana River and swim, sunbathe and visit secluded waterfalls on the way. The Guatambu waterfall is reached directly from the lodge along a hiking trail through the jungle and features a natural pool that is excellent for swimming. Additionally, bicycles and kayaks are available for guests, allowing them to explore the area at their own pace, either on land or on water.

Posada Puerto Bemberg Lodge runs an Atlantic Jungle Reforestation Program, a conservation project in which it invites visitors to actively participate. People can donate a tree and plant it themselves, while also learning about the 50 native tree species that are grown at the Bemberg Port Garden Center, a facility specialized in growing native plants from Argentina.

Activities further afield range from visiting Iguazu Falls (which is an absolute must-do) to immersing oneself in the native culture at Fortin Mborore, a community that has opened its door to visitors and offers an insight in the local culture, songs, philosophy, beliefs, traditions and medicine.

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