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Located in Osprey Lagoon, one of several lagoons in the Linyanti Swamps, and near the source of the Savute Channel, DumaTau Camp is an extraordinary eco-camp in the wilderness of Botswana. It lies within the private Linyati Wildlife Reserve, which is the western neighbor of Chobe National Park. Situated in between two popular elephant corridors and in the middle of lion hunting grounds, the camp boasts a phenomenal location, which is enhanced even more by the sweeping river views from the camp’s buildings.

DumaTau Camp offers accommodation in ten canvas tents that are raised off the ground to both limit their impact in the soil and offer even better views. Featuring a canvas roof and sliding windows and doors, each tent has an ensuite bathroom, beautiful furnishings and comfortable beds. Communal areas include a wonderful swimming pool, a superb lounging area and a large dining area, all of which overlook the lagoon, providing exceptional views of the wildlife that visits it.

One of the camp’s core principles is conservation-through-tourism, protecting and conserving the environment and the fauna and flora in it while also offering sustainable accommodation and activities to visitors. The camp runs on solar energy; its kitchen runs partially on biogas generated from the organic kitchen waste. Additionally, it funds two research programs that study the large elephant population in northern Botswana and its impact on other animals and native vegetation, and works together with the local government in order to protect endangered species in the area such as roan antelopes, lions and African wild dogs. DumaTau is also a Long Run Alliance member, which means that it is focused on sustainability and is a model example of an accommodation that combines biodiversity conservation, the development of local communities, local culture and sustainable tourism. This is all achieved through the so-called 4C’s—conservation, community, culture, commerce.

As DumaTau Camp lies in the heart of arguably the best area for wildlife watching in northern Botswana, close to the border with Namibia, many of the activities on offer are related to wildlife. The most popular are game drives in the morning and the afternoon, night drives, and guided nature walks. Bird watching, catch-and-release fishing, exploring the river on a boat or barge, and photographing animals from a number of platforms and hides are other fun things with which guests can fill their days at BumaTau Camp.

Wildlife is present in sheer abundance in Linyati Wildlife Reserve, an area consisting of the Linyati Swamps, the Savuta Channel, floodplains and woodlands. Elephants are omnipresent in the reserve, while other herbivores such as zebras, giraffes, buffalo and red lechwes can be spotted as well. In terms of predators, guests have the chance to catch a sight of lions, cheetahs, leopards, African wild dogs and spotted hyenas.

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