Pet-Friendly Vacation Destinations

These vacation spots are not only perfect for humans but are also fantastic for pets. From cities with incredible dog parks to beaches where pets can run free, you will need to bring your pet along on your next trip. When you choose one of these pet-friendly destinations, you will never need to worry about your pet again—they will be right there with you! Start planning your next trip with your best furry friend in mind.

St. Johnsbury, Vermont

Man and a dog.
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This small town in Eastern Vermont will be your dog’s new favorite place. The town is home to Dog Mountain, a 150-acre farm where dogs can roam free. There are plenty of hiking trails, gorgeous mountain-top views, and even a dog chapel! You and your pet will not only enjoy nature, but you will also connect with plenty of other people who adore dogs and put their pets’ needs first!

Seattle, Washington

Dogs in Seattle.
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Seattle is a city that most humans would love to explore. There are plenty of places to hike, dine, sit, and watch the city go by. You will find tons of dog-friendly restaurants and parks where pet owners congregate. Head to Norm’s Eatery, where you can get a craft beer, enjoy the dog-themed decor, and order your pup a Hound Dog Cake. Then, go on a Seattle water tour so you and your dog can relax on a boat as you learn about this great city. Don’t forget to book your stay at the Hotel FIVE StayPienapple, which is self-proclaimed as being “dog obsessed.”

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Dog at St Marys Glacier Colorado
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Colorado Springs is the place to be if you want to vacation in the great outdoors! The city is exceptionally pet-friendly, with plenty of trails, adventures, and excursions you and your pet can enjoy together. The Garden of The Gods is a pet-friendly park with over 21 miles of well-maintained trails, including an off-leash area. After spending the day outside, head to the Pub Dog Colorado restaurant and order your pup a “bark bowl” or a non-alcoholic, completely pet-approved beer. It may just be the best vacation of your dog’s life!

Lake Placid, New York

Dog on a lake.
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Lake Placid is serene and scenic. It is gorgeous in every season, so you can visit it whenever you have spare time. The gorgeous Saranac Waterfront Lodge welcomes pets and even provides a dog bed and a complimentary dog treat upon arrival. As a bonus, the hotel will donate to the local humane society for every pet who books a room! This sounds like all the more reason to head to Emma’s Lake Placid Creamery and order your dog a vanilla ice cream with a bone on top!

Chicago, Illinois

Dog in chicago
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It may come as a surprise that Chicago is quite a pet-friendly city. The Windy City is an excellent place to vacation with your pup, as it is one of the most welcoming cities in the country for furry friends. A surprising number of dog cafes, pet-friendly hotels, and excursions allow pets. Hop on a boat with Mercury’s Canine Cruises to see Chicago from the water with your dog by your side.

St, Augustine, Florida

Dog on a beach in St Augustine, Florida
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This stunning beach town has a tropical vibe but also a classic appeal. It is known as one of the oldest cities in America and has a long list of dog-friendly restaurants and hotels. If you are looking forward to relaxing on the beach, bring your dog to Crescent Beach, North Beach, or Vilano Beach, all of which welcome pups. You may even be able to take some surfing lessons with your dog! You will need to snap a photo for Instagram!

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Dog on Hilton Head, SC
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Hilton Head is a true beach destination where your dog will feel just as welcomed as you will. We love that Southern hospitality! Hilton Head has plenty of white sand beaches where you and your dog can relax. Stay at the Omni hotel and book one of the Most Valuable Pup (MVP) packages, which includes doggy champagne, treats, and two new bowls. Head to Chaplin Park during the day and enjoy the fenced-in, off-leash dog playground. It sounds like something straight out of a doggy dream!

Nantucket, Massachusetts

Dog and man on a beach.
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Hop on a ferry boat or board a private jet with your dog and head to the serene island of Nantucket. You will want to book your stay at the Woof Cottages on the pier right in the heart of the Nantucket Boat Basin. Your dog will love relaxing on the oceanfront decks and personalized dog tags. Plus, concierge services offer daily dog walks if you want to go on an excursion sans pets. However, your dog will have no problem joining you on the pet-friendly local busses or an off-leash beach.

Venice, Italy

Man and dog in Venice, Italy
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If you are looking for a vacation overseas where you can bring your pet, you should consider Venice, Italy. The city is very dog-friendly and easy to navigate with a pup by your side. Most water boats allow dogs, which is fun for owners and pets. The outdoor cafes and restaurants are fantastic places to sit and watch the city go by with your dog by your side. We recommend visiting between November and March when there are fewer tourists, and you and your dog can enjoy a quieter city.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Girl and a dog over a lake.
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Vancouver is known as one of the most dog-friendly cities in North America. There are plenty of off-leash parks and beaches to explore and beautiful trails to walk. Head outside the city limits for even more incredible hiking destinations your pet will adore. Enjoy lunch at the public market or check out the outdoor farmers market in the summer. You and your dog will surely enjoy the fresh produce and warm summer air!

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