10 Things That Are More Fun as You Get Older

Whoever said that getting older is negative must not have known what they were talking about, as those of a more mature age can attest. This is exactly the thinking behind Mature Women’s Day, which takes place on April 9. The idea behind this day is for women to celebrate growing older and embrace all they’ve learned in life.

It used to be that turning 40 was considered over the hill, then it was pushed to 50, and now the saying seems to be fading from people’s vocabulary. Who is to say when anyone is “over the hill”? A number certainly doesn’t dictate that notion.

So, for this year’s Mature Women’s Day, here are 10 things that are more fun as you get older, shining a light on how amazing aging is.

Vacationing as a Retired Person

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The top of the list has to be a nod to vacationing. If you’re a mature woman now retired, you know how relaxing vacationing can be. You aren’t a slave to the calendar, having to race back to work within the specified time.

As a retiree, you can take extended and long-haul holidays. The additional time you have can make traveling internationally more attractive. You can factor in extra days for travel time and jet lag.

Dancing without a Care in the World

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Dancing is one of those things that people often feel self-conscious about. Even if they dance around their home without abandon, it doesn’t mean a carefree attitude will carry into a public setting. As a mature woman, there’s a good chance you have become more confident and self-assured as the years have passed, and now may be the perfect time to start dancing.

Rather than just visiting a lounge or a restaurant with a dance floor, why not sign up for professional dance lessons? You could try a style you’re not familiar with but have always admired from afar.

A Well-Developed Green Thumb Is Ideal for Creating the Perfect Garden

Mature woman gardening in her backyard
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Many people enjoy gardening, but that doesn’t mean they are good at it right out of the gate. Developing a green thumb takes time and patience, and typically a few failed garden beds. Mature women may welcome this phase in life if they have a green thumb because they have learned a lot by this point. Now is the time to create a landscaping masterpiece that you can take pride in and enjoy.

Playing with the Grandkids

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When you’re young and raising young kids, it is easily the busiest time of your life. There’s a good chance you had to juggle parenting duties with work responsibilities, which meant little time for anything else. Those women who are grandmothers probably find the way they interact with young kids is different. Playing with the grandkids is a joy that can’t be compared to anything else. You now have the time available; you know how precious childhood is and that it’s over in the blink of an eye, and you probably cherish every moment you get to play with the kids.

Hosting Dinner Parties – It’s Time to Elevate the Experience

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Again, this one comes down to the luxury of time. Whether you’re retired or are an empty nester with a lot more free time, it may be time to take hosting to the next level. Throwing a dinner party for friends gives you a chance to plan out a thoughtful menu, take the extra steps to prepare the table, and not feel the need to rush through the meal.

Interior Decorating – Knowing What You Like

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Here’s another case of learning through experience and age. Interior decorating can be challenging during those first few years. You may be unsure how things will come together, feel overwhelmed, and the results may not be what you pictured.

With age and practice, interior decorating can become enjoyable. Shopping for home decor items can be fun and give you a chance to express your personality in the home. Just don’t be surprised if friends and family notice your good taste and ask for your help.

No Need to Explain an Early Bedtime

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Do you remember when you were in your 20s and felt like you “had” to stay up late every night, especially on weekends? You may have had a serious case of “fear of missing out” that left you exhausted by the time Monday rolled around again. Well, in your golden years, you don’t have to explain your choices to anyone.

If you feel better going to bed early, that’s what you can do. There’s no need to call it a “bedtime”; it’s just whenever you feel like calling it a day. You’re the boss, and you don’t have to answer to anyone, and you certainly don’t need to get wrapped up in FOMO.

Making the Switch to Tea

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Perhaps you’ve been a coffee drinker most of your adult life and always figured it was your hot beverage of choice. As a mature woman, this could be a chance to step outside your comfort zone and switch to tea.

Many say that tea is a more civilized and refined choice. While that’s not necessarily true, tea does offer a lot of variety when it comes to flavor profiles. Tea doesn’t have to be basic and boring; there are so many types and flavors.

If you want a sophisticated option, try loose-leaf tea that you can allow to steep for the “perfect” amount of time to bring out the flavors. You may find that tea has become your new favorite drink.

Embracing New Makeup Tips and Techniques

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For women who enjoy wearing makeup, aging doesn’t mean you must give it up. Instead, it’s time to learn new tips and techniques that flatter you. Don’t worry about what’s trending; focus on the looks you feel comfortable in and the makeup products that work for you.

The Art of Doing Nothing

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While this one may seem contradictory to everything discussed here, doing nothing is an art form, and it takes practice to perfect. Knowing how to quiet your mind, be in the moment, and embrace your surroundings is both freeing and wildly satisfying.

Even if you only take a few moments on Mature Women’s Day to do nothing, it’s worth it. Remember, you can’t let yourself feel guilty for doing nothing; instead, focus on how mentally and spiritually rewarding a quiet moment can be.

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