Eco Lodge: Almonds and Corals Jungle Resort in Costa Rica

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Almonds and Corals is an eco-hotel located within the lush jungle of Costa Rica‘s Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge, which lines the country’s Caribbean coast. This exceptional hotel offers eco-tourists three different holiday experiences, being a wonderful beach resort, a safari camp as well as a boutique hotel. This variety of options definitely sets it apart from the other eco-accommodations in Central America.

The hotel’s location in the middle of a rain forest, yet only a quick stroll from the golden sands and crystal-clear water of the Caribbean coast, provides a one-of-a-kind setting. Guests can choose from a few different accommodation options, from junior suites to regular suites and master suites. All 24 suites are situated on raised platforms, which both limits the impact on the soil below and allows for natural ventilation. The suites themselves don’t have any classic walls; instead, they are surrounded by mosquito nets, which makes it seems as if you are sleeping in the open air—which is is pretty much the case, really. The sounds of the jungle, songs of birds, waves of the ocean can clearly be heard around the clock, while the nets let a cooling breeze pass through the suites at all times. Curtains provide privacy if necessary. All suites come with a private bathroom with rain shower, a mini-fridge, hot water and soft beds.

Additionally, this remarkable hotel features a Jacuzzi and a wonderful spa, a beautiful beachfront, a local transportation service, free Wi-Fi, a bar and a superb restaurant. Guests can enjoy their meals under the trees near the Caribbean Sea.

Almonds and Corals was awarded a Sustainable Tourism Certificate in 1999 because of its dedication to environment-friendly practices. These include offering low-impact accommodation and activities, helping to improve the local communities by offering jobs, education programs and raising environmental awareness, and taking part in nature conservation efforts. The hotel participates in a number of projects, including the prestigious and successful Blue Flag Ecological Program.

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