These Islands Are Perfect for a One-of-a-Kind Vacation

Who hasn’t thought about moving to a small island and leaving all of their worries behind… even if it’s just for a little while? There’s something about being surrounded by the ocean that makes the destination “different” than just any old beach. Recently, a popular travel publication produced a list of the best islands to travel to. The original list includes different places that may grant travelers a similar experience. These are going to be island destinations that each offer a unique travel experience. Of course, on top of the bonus of allowing you to be completely surrounded by the sea!

Phuket, Thailand

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Clear waters that surround calm beaches in what is surprisingly not such a remote location! Phuket, Thailand, was, up until very recently, a rather unknown location. Now, it’s being touted as an alternative to Bali for people who are looking for a more cost-effective vacation. You can still find decent resorts here, but the area itself may not be as developed as it is in other islands that feature popular resorts. However, it’s not that far off from the mainland, so goods do reach here rather easily. If you’re looking for an island to honeymoon on, this may just be the spot.

Puerto Rico, USA

Colorful houses line the hillside over looking the beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico
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Puerto Rico is an island, so it certainly meets that criteria for being on the list. What makes it unique is the mixture of some US-grade infrastructure with certain Caribbean liberties. Of course, you can find top resorts with the world’s top hotel brands on the island. Think of it as a home away from experience a bit. Spanish is still widely spoken, but you can get by speaking English as well.

Ibiza, Spain

Picturesque view of Cala d'Hort tropical Beach, people hangout in beautiful beach with Es Vedra rock view during magnificent vibrant sunset glowing sun.
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It’s not that you can’t party in Puerto Rico. If you really want to go to an island to party, though, then Ibiza is going to be your ideal destination, hands down. Palma de Mallorca, the largest island in the region, is the better spot for some party, but still getting a chance to relax a bit with the family. Saying that Ibiza is “lawless” is a bit of a stretch. It is true, though, that authorities tend to turn a blind eye to certain activities that go here, which are by all accounts illegal. That’s why there’s a famous song about taking a pill in Ibiza!

Cozumel, Mexico

Beautiful sandy beach on Cozumel island, Mexico
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Cozumel was always the spot near Cancun that allowed tourists to relax in more of small-town Mexico. It’s a great place to window-shop for all kinds of jewelry and even things like cigars. The only problem here is that it gets overcrowded with tourists at certain times. When cruises arrive at the island, the population skyrockets! That sort of kills off the small-town vibe. It certainly makes it harder to relax here. Cozumel is also more family oriented compared to nearby locations like Playa del Carmen and Tulum. It has that going for it as well.

Crete, Greece

Agios Nikolaos in Crete
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The history, the views, and the unique dining experiences are what allowed Crete to make the list. There’s a bit more to “explore” in Crete than there is in other spots. While there are, of course, fine dining options at some of the other islands on the list, this may be the best spot of them all. Mediterranean food with a glass of wine creates a much more formal vibe and experience compared to maybe eating shrimp tacos in Cozumel with a beer in hand. Perhaps this could be labeled as the “classy” island option to vacation in.


Aerial view of Mauritius island and Le Morne Brabant mountain with beautiful blue lagoon and underwater waterfall illusion
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Clear lagoons, reefs, remote resorts, a horse track, and tax evasion are the things that Mauritius is known for. None of these are necessarily the reasons why it met the criteria to be on this list. It’s actually a rather remote and small place. Essentially, the entire economy revolves around tourism and the aforementioned tax evasion. If you want to head to a remote island where you won’t necessarily lack decent amenities, this destination could be at the top of your list.

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