Challenges of a Nomad Life for Working Parents

The rise of remote work has opened the door for people to live in places that they would’ve otherwise never had a chance to. Even just a few years ago, it was virtually impossible to have a position within the financial world and work from a beach. Things have certainly changed, but that doesn’t mean that everyone can roam around the world freely without a care. Parents who choose to live a nomadic life find this out the hard way. What’s the silver lining in all of this? Since some brave souls are already paving the road, it may be easier for the next generation of parents to live a more nomadic lifestyle with their families.

One of the biggest challenges that parents living this lifestyle found, according to stories online, is a lack of a support group. This was not only an issue that affected their mental health. It was also a rough situation for couples who both worked. Even though they can work from home, there are instances throughout the day where they could use some help watching the kids. Naturally, if you spend just a few months in a particular place, it can be hard to build a friend group.

Different organizations are building solutions to this problem. One of the common ideas that particularly young parents who live abroad are gravitating to are nomad communities in various destinations. The Traveling Village is one such concept that has caught on over the last few years. Essentially, these are communities for families of nomads to integrate themselves into as they travel to different destinations across the globe. The idea is that a group of families travels as a “village” not that the village remains in one place. That’s one of the differences between this concept and that of a nomadic community or even staying at a hostel long term.

Currently, the Traveling Village has created two travel groups with around 20 families from different nationalities. One of the villages, for example, has lived in various countries throughout Asia so far. The main benefit of this mode of traveling is that the group remains together when they arrive at a new destination, allowing the members to keep the social interactions going.

There are similar concepts taking hold in different parts of the world. As mentioned, many hostels try to create this social dynamic amongst the people staying there. Concepts like the Selina Hotels have existed for years as well. In this situation, people can purchase a membership and stay at different properties. These hotels have a presence in various beach towns. Perhaps this concept lacks the creation of a community, which is the focal point of something like The Traveling Village. The creation of communities like this is seemingly something that nomad parents are actively looking for.

Maybe the best idea for families who want to live a more nomadic lifestyle is to find like-minded people within their existing friend groups. That’s proven to be a bit of a challenge for many of these nomads. Ultimately, it’s what’s led to the creation of these concepts, like the traveling village or the hotels that offer membership plans. These may be solutions that nomad families could greatly benefit from!

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