10 Unique Ways to Celebrate Husband Appreciation Day

Married couples are just like everyone else – they get caught up in day-to-day activities, often pushing their own and each other’s needs to the side. With such busy lives, it can be hard to slow down and show a little appreciation for each other and the relationship in general. That is exactly the reasoning behind National Husband Appreciation Day on April 15.

The thing is, unless there is a designated day, it can be hard to take a moment and remember what you’re grateful for in life – which could very well be your husband. People often talk about making memories in life, and you need to slow down and take a moment for this to become a reality.

If you’re ready to celebrate National Husband Appreciation Day the way your hubby deserves to be recognized, here are 10 unique ideas you can use or draw inspiration from.

Create a Customized Menu of His Favorite Dishes

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There’s no need to leave the house for this idea, and it’s bound to put a huge smile on his face. Rather than just one tasty dish for dinner, why not create a customized menu of his favorites? You can do small-sized portions making it more like a tasting menu. The only thing better than his favorite dish for dinner is all of his favorite dishes in one meal. Don’t forget to also factor in dessert.

How About a Food Tour for the Two of You?

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Don’t feel like cooking, or perhaps you’re not exactly the type that can whip up a tasty meal in a jiffy? If that’s the case, you can plan a food tour for you and your husband. Think of it almost like a pub crawl wherein you can have a drink and something to eat, then move along to the next. Each restaurant or pub can provide one course of the meal – appetizer, main course, dessert.

Book a Weekend Getaway

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Because National Husband Appreciation Day falls on a Monday this year, you may not be able to take the day off and spend it together. For that reason, a rain check could be ideal. Instead, you can book a weekend getaway geared around your husband’s interests.

This means picking a city/town that he enjoys going to or has an interest in visiting, making reservations at a restaurant he would love, and planning some activities that appeal to him. This one requires more thought and planning, but that’s also what helps it feel so special.

Tell Your Husband to Kick Back and Take It Easy

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With so much focus on being busy nowadays, and people often rushing from one errand to the next, time to relax can seem like a crazy notion. On Husband Appreciation Day, this is a great chance to give your husband the day off. Let him know that he’s not to do any chores, errands, or “to-do” items on this day. Everything can wait, and today gets to be a day of relaxation.

This could easily end up being his favorite gift ever!

Book Him an Adventure Experience

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Experiences are one of the hottest trends right now. The idea is that you get to do something high-octane in terms of adrenaline, fun, and adventure.

Some great examples of adventure experiences you can book include:

  • Driving a race car on a closed track
  • Driving a luxury sports car
  • Helicopter ride
  • Rock climbing
  • White water rafting
  • Axe-throwing
  • Zip lining
  • Skydiving

You’ll see the common feature here is adventure. No matter what type of experience you book your husband, it will be memorable.

A Night to Hang Out with the Boys

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This is a different take on Husband Appreciation Day but one that can be equally as enjoyable. Rather than the two of you doing something together, maybe he’d love a night to hang out with the boys. If your husband has a few close friends who don’t always have the time to get together in person, it makes this activity even more enjoyable.

Go for a Walk or Hike Together – Enjoy Couple Time

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There’s nothing wrong with having a quiet time together at home, but sometimes it’s nice to do that outside the house too. Rather than a busy restaurant or a movie where you won’t be doing any talking, how about planning a walk or hike? You can choose your husband’s favorite trail, pack some snacks and water, and head out together. This is also a great opportunity to unplug, taking a step back from technology.

Have a Gift Delivered to His Workplace

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This particular idea won’t work for every husband, but if your significant other works in the type of environment where receiving a package is possible, then you can send him a gift. It could be food, wine, beer, or a themed gift basket, whatever you choose. The goal is to pick items you know he loves and will put a huge smile on his face.

Don’t Forget to Say It In Words

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Sometimes the simple gestures get forgotten but in reality, they are often the most thoughtful ones. Don’t forget to show your love in words on National Husband Appreciation Day. This could mean a thoughtful card or even a sweet-captioned post on social media. It will be a lovely sentiment for him to read, making him feel loved and appreciated.

Surprise Him with a Coveted Tech Gadget

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For husbands who love gadgets and tech, why not surprise them with the most current must-have item? It could be something he’s eyeing, something he has been waiting to go on sale, or just something cool that you think he’d love.

Some examples of tech gadgets he may enjoy include:

  • Wireless headphones for online gaming
  • Amazon Echo Hub Home Assistant
  • Smartwatch
  • Lumbar massager
  • Video drone

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