Disney Parkgoers Advocate for an End to the Popular Bubble Wands

Influencers who focus their content on the Disney parks have been popping up everywhere for the last few years. While most use their platforms to promote tips and tricks that guests can apply at the park, others have been known to spark controversy through less-than-popular opinions. This has led to many online debates about what goes on regularly within the parks.

Recently, some users have brought up the issue of bubbles in the park – and wanting to start a petition to have them banned. To provide context to anyone unfamiliar, bubble wands are small toys that allow kids to blow bubbles. These devices are more advanced than the typical bottles filled with soap and a stick with a hole at the end, which was the popular way to blow bubbles in the 90s. The technology is so advanced that these wands, usually themed to Mickey Mouse or other Disney characters, go for up to $32 each. If you want a refill of the solution, that costs around $2, and you can even find replacement parts for the wands.

The wands blow the bubbles automatically. That’s one of the elements people in favor of the toy used to defend it. Since kids aren’t blowing into a stick, it’s not like the bubbles are filled with saliva and are then crashing into someone’s face. This has led people to say there is no “yuck” factor in making the bubbles.

This specific product is one of the biggest cash cows when it comes to “toys” that are sold at the parks. Even those disgruntled park-goers recognize that this petition will likely go unheard by Disney. However, some people still have sympathy for the idea. Those in support of the idea mentioned that the bubbles were known to leave stains on clothes, while others pointed out that the main issue was that parents allowed kids to blow bubbles into people’s faces all day.

Bubble wands are perfect toys for hyperactive kids to enjoy at the park. They allow them to remain distracted while they wait in long lines to get on rides or even as they walk through the parks. The same thing that parents and kids seem to love is what the other guests loathe. One guest explained how awful it was to be standing in line behind a kid in a stroller while getting hit with bubbles consistently for the entire wait time.

As mentioned, this is unlikely to happen despite the pleas made online to ban the product. However, it is an element that needs to be pointed out. If you’re hoping to visit one of the Disney parks in the near future, expect there to be kids blowing bubbles. Hopefully, they won’t stain your clothes, as some people claim!

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