Why Travelers Should Migrate to eSIM Technology for their phones

Finding ways to make calls or text while abroad used to be very complex. Travelers would have to cope with exorbitant roaming fees or resort to using a pay phone or another very traditional method to communicate with loved ones back home. This was still taking place in the middle of the digital age. Luckily, travel SIM cards came on the scene and allowed folks to pay local rates, particularly for data usage abroad. With the widespread use of eSIMs, things have become even easier for travelers. So much so that they may want to consider ditching their traditional SIM cards, especially when they’re looking for coverage in a foreign country.

On a recent trip to Madrid with a cellphone without eSIM capabilities, the following took place: The plane arrived earlier than expected, around 5 am local time. Luckily, airport Wi-Fi allowed for texts to come through, so people back home at least knew everything was okay. At that hour, the Vodafone store at the Barajas airport was closed, and so were the other novelty stores that sell SIM cards. There wasn’t much else to do but take a cab down to the “Puerta del Sol” where the hotel was. Obviously, the room wasn’t ready at 630 to 7 am. What followed were hours of walking aimlessly down the Gran Via without a phone or cell coverage, to be specific. While that wasn’t the worst experience in the world, it could’ve been much more nerve-wracking in a personally unknown city or a place where you don’t understand the local language.

With eSIM technology, you could, at the very least, have already had access to local data through an app like Airalo. This app allows users to purchase eSIMs that grant them local coverage in multiple countries across the globe. The coverage will give you access to a map app at the very least. Making sure that you have a way to get accurate directions to where you’re going. It would also allow you to call an Uber. Of course, you’d be able to remain in contact with your loved ones throughout that time. Instead of what happened in the story, which was hours upon hours of lonely roaming. Again, in another scenario, this could’ve turned into a very dangerous proposition.

Easier access to local coverage is not the only benefit that an eSIM brings to travelers. One of the issues with the traditional SIM card switch method is that you could lose data in the process. That was especially the case if the card itself was damaged when you removed it from the phone. Worst yet, if you lose the card entirely, you could even end up losing your regular phone number. All of these “issues” are easier to contend with in this day and age.

After the aforementioned experience, it became clear that upgrading to an eSIM has massive advantages for travelers. If you’re going to be taking a trip to another country, it may be the perfect excuse to update your cellphone to ensure it allows you to buy coverage from an eSIM store when you travel abroad.

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