Breeze Airways Brings Back Disney to Disney Route for Summer

Ever wanted to live out the complete Disney experience? No, the full Disney experience is not just visiting all of the Orlando parks in one stay. It consists of seeing Walt Disney World and Disneyland on seemingly the same trip! That’s going to be doable this summer, thanks to Breeze Airways. The low-cost carrier is bringing back its Disney to Disney seasonal route. The flights will take off either from the Orlando main airport or from John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, California.

The base fee for one of these flights is going to be 89 dollars per person on a one-way trip. That’s one of the best deals that are available this summer, particularly from the LA area. Currently, some of the cheapest flights out of LAX to Orlando cost around $250 on Spirit Airlines. That particular option includes an overnight layover. That fact makes it much less appealing, even if the price ultimately allows you to almost break even with the Breeze Airways option.

Naturally, the 89-dollar one-way fee, which is the base price on Breeze for this route, does not cover any bags or assigned seating. Then again, this could be a perfect opportunity to pack light and only spend a few days in either Anaheim or Orlando. The flights are going to be taking place only three days a week. Those days will be Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. To get the best deals in either city, it could be a good idea to head out on a Tuesday, particularly if you’re going from LA to Orlando. This would grant you at least three days to visit the parks before making your way back home on the Saturday flight. Weekdays are typically less crowded, even in the summer months in Orlando. This is because even though kids are not in school, parents still have to make their way to work.

If your trip is starting in the Orlando area, and you’re going to make your way to Southern California, the Wednesday flight may be more than enough. This would give you Thursday and Friday to explore the two parks that the Disneyland resort has to offer. By the way, there are multiple shuttles that can be booked through Viator to get from the John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana to Disneyland. The trip takes around 40 minutes with mild traffic. By LA standards, that’s not a bad deal. You can find these shuttles for as low as 18 dollars per person.

That may very well be the best way to head to the parks, or at least the area around the Disney Resort in Anaheim. All of the usuals, like Uber and even regular cabs, could charge heftier prices. That could negate the savings that you’re obtaining thanks to flying Breeze Airways. The route obviously benefits anyone who’s trying to get from Florida to Southern California, regardless of whether the Disney parks are part of their travel itinerary. As mentioned, the options from LA’s main airports tend to be much more expensive.

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