Worlds First Jet Service for Dogs Gets Airborne

While traveling with your pet is often preferred over leaving them behind, the stress of bringing your dog on a flight has historically been very challenging to manage. Enter Bark Airlines – the world’s first jet service for dogs. Introduced by BARK, the same company that operates the popular BarkBox monthly subscription service of dog treats and toys, Bark Air is offering flight services starting in May 2024.

Many airlines confine pets to crates in the cargo hold or in cramped spaces under a seat in the cabin, but Bark Air is throwing the cabin doors wide open to their canine clientele.

With the primary goal of providing a stress-free travel experience for dogs and their owners, Bark Air calls the flights a “white glove experience” that redirects the typical human pampering to the pooches. According to the press release from BARK, the experience is being promoted as the world’s first to prioritize canines over humans. In partnering with a jet charter company, Bark Air aims to make flights for dogs a first-class experience.

Creature comforts planned for the dogs include a shorter pre-flight screening and efficient pre-boarding processes where the dogs can meet their new furry friends – no crates, stressful TSA checkpoints, or long delays prior to boarding. Human passengers are able to order catered meals from on-site chefs and enjoy an equally streamlined boarding procedure.

Once on board, an ‘Air Concierge’ will evaluate the dogs and assist them in settling into their new surroundings. Amenities offered include noise-canceling ear muffs, calming dog treats, and stress-relieving jackets. Beverages are provided on ascent and descent to assist in ear-clearing, and a variety of BARK-branded treats, snacks, and toys are provided throughout the flight.

Initial route plans are just two options – New York to London, England, and New York to Los Angeles – although additional routes are said to be upcoming. The flights do not come cheap, however, with a one-way ticket starting at a hefty $6,000 USD.

Bark Air is basing its business model on catering to owners who want to remove the stress of traveling with their pets, a worry that is frequently justified. The airline industry has suffered more than a few lost dogs, and even deaths during flights.

The challenges of flying with a pet on conventional airlines can be difficult obstacles to overcome. Many airlines restrict animals from traveling in cargo holds during the hottest months of the year, ruling out summer travel for any dogs unable to fit under a seat in the main cabin. Regardless of the time of year, animal advocacy groups recommend certain breeds of dogs not to travel in cargo.

Animals with ‘pushed in’ faces (referred to as ‘brachycephalic’) are at higher risks of oxygen deprivation and heat stroke, for example, and it is not recommended to fly these breeds in cargo holds. And even with airlines that allow dogs in the main cabin, there are usually restrictions on the number of dogs per flight – meaning that you may have to be flexible on your travel day in order to book your pooch on that traditional airline.

With dogs flying alongside their human partners on all Bark Air flights, there is no worry of Fido going missing amongst the usual chaos of cargo management. For travelers and pet owners relocating to new homes, Bark Air presents another option when planning for your pooch. If you have ever dreamt of treating your best friend to a genuine VIP service, this might just be the answer you have been seeking.

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