Dog-Friendly Café Reopens in the East Village Thanks to Customers

There is great news out of the East Village in NYC for dog-loving coffee drinkers. The popular Boris & Horton café reopened thanks to the multiple customers who pitched in to help the owners cover their debts. This café is located on the corner of 12th Street and Avenue A. The spot was home to 3 stores, but the space was converted into one. These original divisions, though, helped Boris & Horton create distinct areas that each provide unique services. One of the sections is exclusively where dogs are allowed. In this part of the cafe, though, no food is served. That helps create a rather friendly experience amongst the different furry buddies.

Another part of the original three shops is used more as a diner. Only people are allowed in this part of the café. There’s also another section reserved entirely for the drive-through. If you’re following along, one of the significant issues that the owners faced was the rent price for such a large facility. The owners did not want to disclose their rent prices, even with supporters on their GoFundMe. They felt this could hinder their ability to negotiate with the landlord to keep the place open. On average, however, the price per square foot in the area is around $110 to $125. What may be even more detrimental to the owners’ ability to negotiate are the final numbers from the GoFundMe Campaign.

Ultimately, the campaign allowed the café to raise over $250,000. The owners paused the campaign after the first few days when they were able to raise about $20,000. They did this so that they could collect those funds and pay their employees who had been affected by the closure. Once the GoFundMe was re-launched, it truly took off! There are some new rules in place that are meant to help Boris & Horton stay afloat. Now, regular customers are going to be able to purchase membership fees. The most expensive one currently available goes for $40 a month.

There’s also an idea to charge a visit fee for guests with and without dogs. The place has become such an institution in the area that people just walk in and take a look at the place. Unfortunately, many of these people may not have been buying much, leading to the venue’s downfall in the first place. Much like in the famous sitcom Friends, some regulars who helped save the place mentioned visiting it multiple times daily with their dogs. Now, regulars and tourists who seemingly walk in with awe of the place will continue to enjoy this East Village staple.

Visitors should remember that laptops are banned on weekends after 10 a.m. Weekend work warriors will need to find a new place to lounge on Saturday and Sunday. It’s for the best, though, since those days are when the place gets the loudest! That, of course, includes talking and barking.

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