Eco Lodge: Cristalino Lodge Amazon Sanctuary in Brazil

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Cristalino Lodge is a magnificent eco-friendly lodge situated in the heart of a large 28,167-acre rainforest reserve in Brazil‘s state of Mato Grosso in the southern Amazon, one of the country’s (and the world’s) biodiversity hotspots. The dark waters of the peaceful Cristalino River flow through the rainforest for more than 100 miles before spilling out into a larger river, the confluence being the very location of this lodge. Because of its riverside location, Cristalino Lodge offers plenty of water-related activities, such as swimming, canoeing and boat tours. The sheer abundance of wildlife in the area makes for excellent wildlife watching—species include the rare giant otter, monkeys, capybaras, treefrogs and a plethora of exceptionally colorful tropical birds.

This award-winning ecolodge, recognized as one of the best in the world, offers its guests a unique place to stay in the middle of the world’s largest jungle. Surrounded by a private rainforest reserve, Cristalino Lodge was designed specifically to blend in perfectly into its natural surroundings. Accommodation is offered in bungalows, which are constructed with natural materials, offer superb natural ventilation via ceiling air ducts, and simply provide a wonderful balance between design, comfort and sustainability. Bungalows come with nice bathrooms, hammocks and cozy beds. Windows have screens, which can provide additional ventilation, but also let in the sounds of the jungle—guests can fall asleep to the sound of the nearby river and wake up listening to the calls of howler monkeys.

Communal areas and amenities at Cristalino Lodge include everything from free Wi-Fi and a comfortable reading room to a restaurant serving regional and Brazilian specialties, a bar offering fine views of the rainforest, a terrace with fireplace ideal for star gazing at night, and a large conference room. As impressive as all that sounds, there is even more to this lodge. Guests should absolutely check out the floating deck, a relaxation area on the Cristalino River linked to the lodge by a walkway and offering the perfect place to unwind in the evening. Additionally, the lodge features two 165-feet observation towers, which is truly unique in the world. These two towers are located at strategic places in the rainforest reserve, rising up above the canopy and providing guests with the views of a lifetime. The observation platforms are reached by stairways, an ascent that takes people through every layer of the Amazonian rainforest, the world’s most fertile habitat.

In terms of ecotourism, Cristalino Lodge does everything it can to protect this fragile ecosystem. The Cristalino Foundation, established in collaboration with the lodge, is responsible for monitoring and managing the surrounding rainforest reserve, while also promoting sustainable tourism and carrying out research and setting up educational programs. The lodge itself offers guests low-impact activities, such as guided birdwatching walks, hikes and canoe trips. The lodge is powered by solar panels and has a biological waste treatment facility.

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