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Located in northern Ontario, Canada, Cree Village Eco Lodge offers sweeping views of the Moose River and great accommodation to adventure-minded and environment-conscious travelers. The lodge with its twenty rooms is designed to reflect the style of a typical Cree village “shabatwon”, which is a long tepee with two doors at either end. This tall structure is built with cedar, pine and hickory wood, and is incredibly bright, designed to take full advantage of the almost twenty hours of daylight in summer. Inside, stone fireplaces provide cozy warmth in winter and on colder days in other seasons, while the thick carpets and natural woolen blanket in the guestrooms offer¬†additional comfort.

Cree Village Eco Lodge is one of Canada’s most modern and advanced environment-friendly accommodation facilities. There is no standard air conditioning in the lodge; instead, there are low-noise, highly efficient ceiling fans and the windows face north to take full advantage of natural wind patterns. The interior consists of low-emission paints, ceramic tiles, cedar wood and hardwood floors. All the furniture is made with natural materials, such as birch wood, wool and organic cotton. Soaps and shampoos provided in every room are biodegradable. Additionally, all the windows are triple-glazed low-emission argon. This is a model example of how a sustainable, low-impact and low-emission modern building should be.

Guests can relax in the communal lounge area and grab a bite to eat at the 56-seat restaurant. The restaurant’s menu features traditional Cree dishes, including caribou from Nunavut, free-range bison from Ontario and pure maple syrup. Many ingredients are grown on site in the lodge’s organic vegetable and herb garden. Coffee served in the lounge and at the restaurant is, of course, not produced locally, but great care is taken to make sure it is organic and fairly traded.

As the first indigenous-owned eco-lodge in Canada, Cree Village Eco Lodge is a truly unique place to stay, both designed and managed by the MoCreebec people, who still focus on their traditional values, culture and environmental sustainability. Its location in northern Ontario makes it the ideal base for exploring the subarctic regions of Canada.

A small island crisscrossed by hiking trails and dotted with basic campsites, Tidewater Provincial Park lies just across the Moose River and provides a fun playground for adventure travelers and wildlife watchers. Additionally, Moose Factory’s nature trail begins mere steps from the lodge, allowing hikers to find many herbs and plants that were and are still used by the Cree people. Other activities on offer at Cree Village Eco Lodge are sunset cruises on the Moose River and guided boat excursions from the Moose River to the saltwater of James Bay where seals and various whale species bask in the water.

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