Amazing cities around the world every foodie will love

If you love food as much as you love travel, then there’s no doubt you’re going to want to visit as many cities as you can that have unbelievable food. This could come in the form of traditional cuisines and dishes, or maybe you want to visit some of the top restaurants in the world.
Whether you feel like a carb overload and choose an Italian pizza or something lighter such as a Thai curry, there are so many dishes across the world that are going to leave your mouth watering.

Bangkok, Thailand

Street food in Bangkok, Thailand
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Top of the list is Bangkok. Thailand’s capital is the home to street food galore, as well as some of the best restaurants. Bangkok is considered to be one of the most visited cities in the world, which means it needs to have some good food.

The best way to taste Bangkok’s food is on the go. You can stop by a stall and pick up your favorite Thai dish for only a small amount of money. Vendors will serve both fresh and delicious, food options. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous and in need of a snack, why not try fried insects? This is a popular Thai food amongst locals.

New York, USA

Slice of pizza in New York City.
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Forget Italy, one of the best places to grab a slice of pizza is New York. A Great spot to try is Motorino Pizza, located in the East Village. It may be a small restaurant, but that doesn’t mean the pizza disappoints. Another great spot is Lucali. It’s famous across New York for its delicious pizza pies. While the prices for a pizza are considered steep, it’s sure to be worth it.

Another famous New York food you need to try is a bagel. For a legendary breakfast bagel, stop off at Ess-a-Bagel. You can pick from a variety of different creams, cheeses, and meats to create the bagel of your dreams.

Rome, Italy

An Ice Cream Cone in Rome, Italy,
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For traditional, Italian cuisine, Rome is by far the best city to visit. After a day spent sightseeing the great wonders of the world, you can stop off for some flavorsome pizza or fresh and creamy pasta. You should try local restaurants off the beaten track, to really taste authentic, Roman food.

Not only does Rome have the greatest-tasting carbs in the world, but it’s also home to some of the best gelato. From deep, chocolate flavors to bursting citrus, a couple of scoops goes down exceptionally well, especially on those hot summer days, strolling around the city.

Lyon, France

Baguettes in Lyon, France.
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Lyon is the home of traditional French dishes. It’s known across the world as one of the best cities to eat and cook good, wholesome food. The city has its own unique dishes to try that will no doubt satisfy every taste bud.

Foods from Lyon that you’ll want to try include its most traditional dish, Cardon a la moelle, which is made from cardoons and marrow. For an appetizer opt for Gratton Lyonnais, which is salted pieces of meat in animal fat. For those with a sweet tooth, you should try bugnes for dessert. These are fritters made with dough and flavored with orange, rum or vanilla to give them a unique taste.

Melbourne, Australia

Bakery in Melbourne, Australia
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If your travels take you to Australia, then Melbourne is the city to visit for all things food. With the country known for its barbecues, Melbourne is going to give you a great selection of burgers. One to put on your bucket list is from Butcher’s Diner. Not only are the burgers packed full of flavor, but the diner is also open 24 hours a day.

Melbourne has foods from all cultures available in the city. So, if you want to experiment and try different foods then everything is on your doorstep.

San Sebastian, Spain

Tapas bar in San Sebastian, Spain
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San Sebastian is well-known for its good food. It even has 16 Michelin-star restaurants to choose from. The city is famed for its Basque cuisine, which includes foods such as seafood and locally grown fruit and veg.

There are certain specialities you’ll want to try when visiting San Sebastian and most of these come from the sea. Make sure to try baked spider crab, hake cheeks in green sauce, baby squid in their own ink and baked seabream. If seafood isn’t for you, then you have traditional Spanish tapas. Think sizzling bowls of chorizo in red wine sauce and the all-time classic, potato bravas.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Smorrebrod at market in Copenhagen, Denmark.
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Copenhagen is a great stop for all foodies. You can sink your teeth into traditional Danish dishes or mix things up and visit some of its international restaurants. For Danish foods, you can try their meatballs, which are one of their most popular dishes. These meatballs are usually made from pork and veal and served with some hearty potatoes and thick gravy.

One of their national dishes is an open sandwich, which tastes just as delicious as it sounds. Both shops and restaurants will sell these and usually come in the form of a slice of rye bread and then fillings go on top. Choose from meats, cheeses, salad or fish with drizzles of orange or lemon. Of course, for a sweet treat, you can’t forget about a traditional Danish pastry!

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentinian rib eye steak in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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Be prepared for plenty of meat when visiting Buenos Aires. Argentina loves a steak, and Buenos Aires is certainly no exception. Traditional Argentinean dishes will be meat-based, with aspects of the Mediterranean diet.

Asado is one of the most classic dishes to choose from. This is a selection of some of the finest meats that are salted and then grilled. As the meats can take some time to cook, you can work up an appetite with some sweet bread and kidneys.

Another traditional dish to try is Milanesa de Carne. This is another meat dish and consists of a steak fried in breadcrumbs. Servings commonly come with French fries and salad.

Mexico City, Mexico

Tacos in Mexico City
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Mexican cuisine is much-loved worldwide, so what better place to eat it than in the heart of Mexico itself? A firm staple of Mexican cuisine is tacos and they’re surely something you’ll want to try in Mexico City. Tacos al pastor are traditional Mexican tacos. Created with thin strips of sliced pork, they’re topped with a fresh slice of pineapple and then wrapped in a tortilla.

For dessert, you have the famous churros. The deep-fried dough, accompanied by a sticky sauce of chocolate or caramel is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth. Enjoy them after a hearty helping of tacos or quesadillas to really experience the traditional Mexican cuisine.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Bakery in Tel Aviv, Israel
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Tel Aviv isn’t short of staple foods to try. Think hummus, falafel and shawarma. The city boasts a popular amount of street food options that taste just as good as they smell. Falafel is one of the most popular foods in Israel and the best news is its veggie. Falafel balls are made from chickpeas and served with pitta.

Another delicious food made from chickpeas is hummus. This is eaten all over the world, but as a signature dish of Israel, it’ll hit a different spot eating it in Tel Aviv. You can dunk both meats and breads into hummus to give them a delicious twist.


Tabletop covered in food
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With so many cities across the world for foodies, it may be hard to know where to start. You’ll find carbs in the shape of pizza and pasta in Rome, seafood in San Sebastian and coconut curries in Bangkok.

Thanks to so many different cultures and diets, the world has become full of mouthwatering dishes and these cities are only a handful of what’s out there.

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