Should You Spend Your Airline Miles & Travel Credit Card Perks Now Before It’s Too Late?

Credit cards that are affiliated with an airline or a hotel chain have been one of the popular ways to lower travel costs for years. One of the downsides to any type of rewards program, particularly travel-related ones, is that people tend to have limited time to spend on what they earn through the program. In most cases, reward points drop in value over time. Therefore, holding onto them is typically not a good strategy.

A new piece of legislation proposed in the US Senate in September 2023 could make earning reward points through credit cards even more difficult. The bill, known as the Durbin-Marshall credit card bill, aims to regulate the fees that Visa, MasterCard, and other popular companies can charge merchants for processing transactions. While this is a good thing in theory because it could reduce the costs of goods in general, there may be a downside.

If Visa, Mastercard, Capital One, and others see their profits plummet, they’ll likely cut many of the benefits of the reward programs that they partner with. As mentioned, the points accumulated through these cards that go toward travel reward programs weren’t commodities that people usually held on to for long anyway. Now, with a threat looming on the horizon, it could be an even better idea to spend those points quickly. With that in mind, here are some of the popular deals in the top hotel rewards programs.

IHG One Rewards Points Multiplier

Close up of InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) sign, Atlanta.
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IHG is trying to encourage members of its rewards program to travel this April. Any member who spends two eligible nights at one of its properties will earn 2,000 bonus points. One of the most appealing parts of this program is that IHG properties of all levels are eligible. Some restrictions may apply, but a few nights at a Holiday Inn could earn you decent prices for a subsequent stay at a Continental Hotel.

Hilton Honors

 Hilton Honors logo, a rewards program by Hilton Hotels on the back of a hotel keycard.
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Hilton is opening multiple new properties across the globe, which can benefit the reward program members in various ways. There’s a 1,000 bonus to be had for staying at select hotels, with a cap of 5,000 bonus points for those who stay three nights at these properties.

The Hilton Honors card, run by American Express, also offers added points for select purchases. Cardholders could earn 5x Hilton Honors points per dollar spent on purchases outside of hotel property. The problem with this card is that American Express is going to increase the yearly fee to stay on board the program.

Marriott – MGM Partnership

Marriott Bonvoy elite member room key card for Marriott hotel loyalty program
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Marriott is bringing some interesting add-ons to its rewards program. Most of the new elements have to do with partnerships that they formed with other hotels or even celebrities. Marriott is allowing members of the program to redeem their points for Taylor Swift Eras Tour experiences. Forty-eight different packages have been made available, which are only redeemable through program points.

People will also be able to earn points by staying at popular Vegas hotels. Now, a stay at the Bellagio, The Cosmopolitan, or even the MGM Grand could earn Marriott reward points. This deal between MGM and Marriott has been a long time coming. It was only recently that it was finalized, allowing Vegas travelers to enjoy these new-found benefits.

Airline Miles Deals

BILT Mastercard isolated on blurred background.
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Bilt Rewards credit card holders can now transfer their points to the American Airlines rewards program. There’s also a deal in place with Alaska Airlines, allowing people who are part of other programs to potentially access better deals.

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