Can You Realistically Travel Without a Phone to Disconnect from the World?

We live in such a “connected” world these days that sometimes it seems we’re too connected. The perfect example of this are people at a concert or any type of event. Now, when the artist walks out on stage, everyone’s got their phone in front of them to take pictures and videos. Other people have reported feeling overly anxious about things like when their partners are going to text back. This feeling keeps them glued to their phone. Knowing this, wouldn’t a good vacation goal be to travel without a phone? Is this even possible? We’re going to explore the pros and cons and provide some solutions.

Pros of Traveling Without a Phone

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Traveling without a phone is the one true way to disconnect from the world. Of course, if you truly wanted to get away from everything, not bringing a computer or any electronic device north of an old iPod with no Wi-Fi access would be ideal. It’s essentially the only way to not be distracted by whatever else is going on in the world besides what you’re doing. It can make a girls’ trip a truly out-of-this-world experience. There would literally be nothing else to do but talk amongst yourselves.

Cons & Why You May Not Be Able to Do It

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You’d have to find a way to maybe tell someone that you arrived. If you need to board a plane, you can print the ticket, but that’s going out of fashion. No phone means, for example, not being able to use a ride-share app. That could elevate your costs if you had to take taxis all the time. Safety is also one of the main concerns that you’re going to have in this situation. What are you going to do if something takes place and you have an emergency? Most places don’t have pay phones that you could use anymore.

The Workaround

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There are a few things that you could try as a workaround to get the benefits of disconnecting from the world without having the risk factor of not having a phone. If you’re traveling to an unknown location, at the very least, you’re going to need to use the Maps app, for example. If it’s a family trip, you can bring one device. Use that for the utmost necessary communication with the outside world.

If it’s a friend’s trip, maybe you can install no phone hours within the group. Suppose you’re at a beach resort with a spa. What you may be able to do is leave the phones in the room. That could be a wise idea anyway to ensure you don’t lose them or drop them in the pool. Then have an hour, maybe, when each friend can call back home and see how things are doing. One of the elements that maybe hasn’t been factored in as much is the anxiety level of the family members that remain at home. Those folks would have to be on board as well to ensure that you can live out a no-phone or limited-phone vacation. By most accounts, the experience seems worth it!

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