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Note that a stay here is only available by booking a walking tour.

The Bay of Fires Lodge is hidden deep within Mount William National Park in the Bay of Fires on the less-visited northeast coast of Tasmania, Australia. This wilderness lodge may be quite remote, but it is ultra-modern and exceptionally eco-friendly. The design of this multi-award-winning eco-lodge is minimalistic, almost looking like a large modern shed, and incorporates various sustainable principles.

The lodge is equipped with a system that collects rainwater on the roof; there are treatment plants for the lodge’s waste water; toilets are composting; and the complex run entirely on solar power. The Bay of Fires Lodge, the only building within twenty square kilometers of coastal wilderness, is set on a hilltop and overlooks the beaches and ocean. Even though this area is of huge significance to the local Aboriginal community, they have allowed the lodge to be built, just because it is so environment-friendly.

Consisting of two long timber-and-glass pavilions, the lodge’s connection to the natural surrounding is maximized, while its impact on the environment is absolutely minimal. All construction materials, including Tasmanian pine and hardwood, were brought in by helicopter and then carried to the site by hand and on foot. The lodge features a spa, a library, decks offering marvelous views of the coast and ocean, and a superb restaurant. The restaurant serves three-course dinners, prepared with only Tasmania ingredients and complemented by Tasmanian wine.

The outdoor fire pits in the sand are arguably the most popular hangout spots, wonderful places to spend the evening after a long day of hiking. Bay of Fires Lodge, because of its location within a remote national park, is only accessible on foot. The Bay of Fires Walk is a four-day trek through the wilderness and along the coast of Mount William National Park, a journey that is broken up by stays at the Bay of Fires Lodge and the Forester Beach Camp, which is another low-impact accommodation in the park. Those walks are led by experienced guides who are able to provide a wealth of information on the area.

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