American Airlines Is Getting More Pet-Friendly

According to the latest data, around 2/3 of American families own a pet. Despite the fact that this is a growing market, traveling with animals has been an issue for years. Up until recently, most airlines did not allow furry friends to board at all. Plus, passengers had to pay an exorbitant fee to have their pets loaded in the cargo hold. Things are starting to shift little by little, however. An example of this is the new update to American Airlines’ pet policy.

Travelers can now pay a 150-dollar fee to have their pet come on board with them – and their luggage as well. In paying that fee, passengers will also have the right to take a large carry-on with them in the cabin. Before this update, if a person spent 150 dollars, they could only take their pet with them and a small bag that would fit under the seat.

This was something that angered many travelers. What ended up happening a lot of the time was that they were forced to pay an extra 35 dollars for their bag. That meant that taking a pet on an airplane cost almost 200 dollars extra.

Although these updates point toward a more pet-friendly future for American Airlines, some restrictions remain. Dogs of a certain size are still not allowed in the cabin. At times, this decision falls on the staff at the airport. People who have been forced to put their pets in the cargo despite paying the fee have complained about the policy. Also, there’s a limit to the number of animals that can travel in the cabin. That’s another element that passengers should take into account before they board. The best thing that they can do to not be left out is to make sure to check in early.

Before embarking on a trip with a pet, it’s essential to know the airline’s policy regarding animals. In most cases, airlines still count pets as carry-ons. That means that a version of American Airlines’ previous policy will likely be in effect in other airlines. Apart from the airline policy, it’s essential to check requirements, particularly for international travel. Not all countries are going to be as receptive to pets. In some cases, they require special vaccines to enter.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the airline from which you purchase the ticket may not directly operate the flight. The pet policy that will be in effect in that case will be the one that the airline that operates the flight has. This change to the American Airlines policy came as a bit of a surprise to the industry. In fact, the airline itself didn’t even make a massive announcement about it.

However, it does seem like the airline is hoping that this adjustment will get more pet owners to choose them. As it stands, this policy is one of the most advantageous for pet owners. It could very well make sense to book with this airline, even if the base price of a ticket is higher than with other options.

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