The Connection Between Water and Your Health Explored on World Water Day

One of the world’s most precious resources is water. Access to clean, fresh water affects crops, animal life, economic growth, sanitation, and the environment. World Water Day, March 22, is meant to be a day when people stop and think about how important water is and why it needs to be preserved and protected.

Water is essential to each individual’s health. It keeps you hydrated but is more than just a refreshing drink. The connection between water and health is vast and quite interesting.

To help you better understand this connection, here’s a look at how water directly affects your health.

Water Helps To Carry Oxygen Through the Body

Water in certain organ and body parts of human.
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Your body needs oxygen to function properly, it must be distributed throughout the body effectively. Because oxygen is found in blood, proper blood circulation is essential. And what’s blood made of? Water. That’s right—your blood contains over 90% water.

Water Keeps Body Fluids Balanced and Healthy

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Your body is 60% water, so staying hydrated at all times means maintaining balanced and healthy body fluids. Fluids transport nutrients, circulate, digest, maintain a consistent body temperature, and more.

Fight Stiff Joints by Staying Hydrated

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If you suffer from joint stiffness periodically or regularly, you could benefit from boosting your water intake. Water lubricates all the joints in your body, which means less pain and stiffness. Even if you don’t suffer from stiff joints, it’s still important to stay hydrated to prevent future issues.

You may already drink enough water but still have joint stiffness. Experts recommend that women aim for nine cups of water daily, and men require 12 cups daily.

Combat Dry, Flaky Skin with Water

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Many people complain of dry, flaky, and itchy skin. This is even more common during the cold, dry winter when people spend more time indoors with the heat on. For those used to reaching for moisturizer to combat dry skin and without seeing lasting results, it could be that their body needs more water. Drinking lots of water hydrates your skin, giving it a plumper and healthier appearance. Remember, what you put into your body also affects its outward appearance.

Fight Your Acne Breakouts More Effectively

Young woman with acne problem near mirror in bathroom
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For those who suffer from acne, you know just how frustrating it can be. If it seems like you get rid of one outbreak just to usher in the next, it’s probably time to change things up. Most people look at their skincare products as the culprit. However, if you’re not drinking enough water daily – then your skincare can’t work miracles.

Because so much of your skin is water, it makes sense that it can help keep acne under control, tighten your pores, and ensure your skin looks healthy and clear.

Improve Bowel Functionality by Drinking Enough Water

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Regular, healthy bowel movements are an important part of your health and help you feel more comfortable. Constipation and gas are never a good feeling, and if you suffer from those issues often, it could be a lack of hydration.

When your body doesn’t have enough water in it, it can’t draw on that liquid to help move things through the colon. This results in a feeling of fullness, pressure, and constipation. Another digestive issue that can happen if you’re not drinking enough water is heartburn and even stomach ulcers.

Kidneys Can Work More Effectively

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Your kidneys play an important role in your body’s health. They cleanse your body of all its toxins, but fluid is needed to do this. And if you guessed that water is the best fluid for the job, you’d be right.

Drinking enough water means urinating regularly and clearing toxins each time. Ideally, your urine should be almost clear or very pale yellow. It shouldn’t have an odor or hurt or sting to urinate. All these are signs that you’re drinking enough water, and your body is healthy. If you don’t clear the toxins regularly, you may start to develop kidney stones, which are extremely painful and can be dangerous to your health.

Boost Endurance, Power, and Strength in Your Workouts

Young woman drinking water after jogging.
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Do you feel like you’ve hit a plateau with your workouts and are no longer seeing results and improvements? Did you know there could be a simple answer to your problem? If you aren’t drinking enough before, during, and after your workout, then you won’t be able to achieve your personal best results.

Proper hydration aids in endurance, strength, and power, all of which can help you to break out of your workout slump. Hydration also aids in muscle recovery, which is needed so that you bounce back fast and can work out again so

Don’t forget, if you’re engaging in a particularly intense workout or sport, you’ll perspire much more than usual. You need to be aware of how much body fluid you’re losing so you can replace it.

Give Yourself a Mood Boost

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A lesser-known fact about drinking water is that it can also help with your mood. Drinking the minimum required glasses of water daily can help you to feel more alert, refreshed, and happy. Severe dehydration can cause anxiety, confusion, and fatigue, all of which will bring your mood down.

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