Ever considered taking your work on vacation? Maybe you should take a Workcation!

Around this time of year, many people slip into a work grey zone. That fix of sunshine and suntan from a blissful winter vacation has officially worn off, and work is starting to feel a bit monotonous again. For most people, the same old work routine in these between-seasons times is a real bring-down.

Well, there is a great way to escape that grey zone, and it’s by taking a workcation. Whether it’s a sunny beach destination or an adventure-filled get-away, an increasing number of people are choosing to take their work with them – for a working vacation.

In recent years, the concept of being a global nomad – someone with no fixed address who works globally – has become very popular. While many people find the prospect of escaping their regular routine alluring, giving up a permanent home and the connection to friends and family is just more than they can sacrifice.

But did you know that you can have the best of both worlds? What the majority of workers don’t realize is that you can take additional breaks to nearly any place you can imagine – and get paid while doing it. There are many benefits to a workcation, for example, you can save your pool of vacation days and still get that much-needed change of pace.

What Exactly Is a ‘Workcation’?

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In short, it is a way to experience a change of scenery – perhaps to a sunny and warm tropical destination – while still fulfilling your regular work commitments. Chances are that if you have been able to work from home at any point in the past, then you are a candidate for a workcation. When all you need is a reliable internet connection and a comfortable spot to do your job, what is stopping you? In this article, we break down the best ways to get a break from your regular 9 to 5 with a working vacation. We’ll cover some top places to consider, the tools you will need, how to make it affordable, and most importantly, how to convince your boss that it is a good idea!

Can a Work-cation Also Be A Holiday?

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The short answer is absolutely. Having a relaxing, recharging trip is all about planning it well. If you set things up right, a workcation can be exactly what you need to break up those grey-zone blues. It’s all about how you prioritize your time. If you can meet all your work requirements during the day, for example, then your evenings are free to spend exploring beautiful beaches, swimming in the sea, or whatever your holiday heart desires! There are, of course, some essential rules to follow to return home feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

Establish A Time To Travel

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The very first thing you need to do is establish a time that will work for both your personal and work schedules. Plan your time for a period when you have achievable work goals that do not require you to be physically present.

Convince Your Boss That a Work-cation Is a Great Idea

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This step might be easier than you might think. Many bosses are concerned with three main things: productivity, budget, and the happiness of their team. If you can assure your employer that these things are going to be met, then the rest is easy. If your boss knows that your time away is not going to change work productivity or cost the company money – and that you are going to return home more charged up and happier than ever – getting a green light should be no problem. Try to anticipate your boss’s concerns, and make sure you are able to solve those concerns first before you pitch your working getaway.

Got a Green Light To Travel – Where Is The Best Place To Go?

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While this part might seem easy, it is also debatably the most important decision. Should you go somewhere that you have always wanted to go, or perhaps back to a favorite holiday spot? The answer to this question might be different from what you expect. The ideal destination is one that will allow you to meet or exceed your work requirements. You are, after all, still expected to fulfill those critical job expectations. A key consideration will probably be access to a reliable wifi connection and a comfortable, functional workspace. Regardless of how appealing a particular destination may be, if you cannot meet your work deadlines, then it cannot be considered a viable option. Some great resources exist that outline the top places to plan a workcation.

What About The Cost?

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This hurdle might also be easier to manage than you might think. If finances are one of the things holding you back from considering a work-cation, think again! There are numerous fantastic ways to make a work-cation affordable, and even free. House-sitting organizations, pet-sitting groups, and a multitude of similar websites offer excellent options to explore. Thousands of people are out there looking for someone to take care of their home while they are away, and these can be ideal scenarios for a work-cation. Of course, you will want to thoroughly research any potential house-sitting gigs to ensure you understand and agree to the terms and expectations.

Another consideration is looking into month-long rentals, even if your work-cation time will be less than a month. It is not uncommon for the monthly rental of an apartment or condo to be less expensive than a ten-day hotel stay, and these types of accommodations usually give you more space as well. As for travel costs, look into points cards or membership reward programs as they offer excellent opportunities to reduce the cost of traveling. And don’t forget, you might very well be traveling in the off-season, meaning that everything could be more affordable than you think!

Use Your Work-cation To Research Your Next Vacation

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It might be enticing to head to a destination you already know, somewhere you have already vacationed. But a workcation is also a perfect opportunity to research somewhere that you have always wanted to travel but haven’t had the chance to yet. Thailand is a very popular spot with global nomads, for example, and so is Mexico. Indonesia has many good options for work-cations too. But don’t rule out places that are closer to home either – sometimes the relaxing change of pace you need is just a short distance away!

Need Help Deciding Where to Go? No Problem!

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This is where the global nomad community comes in. These groups are a wealth of knowledge. Endless resources are available to you within these work/travel-savvy communities. Join a few online Global nomad groups and, before long, you will have all your questions answered. What gear to bring, how to find the perfect accommodation, ways to keep your cost down, and more – these travelers have already solved all of these dilemmas. Global nomad groups are also ideal for finding great deals on things like travel and medical insurance for your work-cation. They are also the perfect place to find tips on what tech-related equipment is the best for your particular job.

Productivity is The Key to Success

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There are two main objectives for any working get-away: allocate dedicated time to accomplish the work tasks on your agenda and schedule time for your own rest and relaxation. It can be easy to slip into ‘vacation mode’, where actually accomplishing the work suffers. It can be equally easy to let work take over, however. Set realistic goals for both work and personal time before you travel, and stick to your goals. Consider starting your work day early, for example, so that you can wrap up your day by early afternoon, allowing ample time for exploring and relaxation. Depending on where you travel to, time changes might work in your favor for adjusting your schedule to build in time for yourself.

Add in Vacation days or Statutory Holidays

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Another key way to make your escape successful is to build in a few actual vacation days. If you have a few extra leave days available from work, consider adding them to a work-free weekend to extend your personal time while you are away, allowing four consecutive work-free days. Planning your escape around a statutory holiday is another efficient way to ensure that you have some extra personal time without having to take extra vacation days. Most importantly, remember to schedule in the things that matter the most to you. Fitness, meditation, yoga on the beach, spirituality, or adventure – whatever tops up your well, make sure you build in those important stress-relieving activities.

Time to Re-charge Your Batteries

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In those grey zone times of the year, it is common to ask yourself if you are on the right path. Perhaps contemplating a career change, or just checking to see if the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Changing jobs to escape current work frustrations is also common when you are feeling unhappy at work. You should remember, however, that this time of year is when many bad decisions are made. A change of scenery is often the best way to refocus your goals and put life into perspective. Removing yourself from ‘normal life’ situations is usually the best way to navigate the path forward – and more often than not, it is the path you are already on. You just needed to recharge your batteries!

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