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Whether it’s because we’re too busy, or just don’t have time to think about it, picking up new hobbies can get harder as we get older. However, new hobbies can be a great way to help you unwind, relax, and just enjoy something new and different.

In addition, hobbies can help you fight boredom – especially new and different ones. The downside is that for many people, choosing a new hobby can feel awkward as an adult. One thing you can try to kickstart some hobbies is to think back to what you used to enjoy doing as a child, and see if there are things you can do now in those same areas.

You can also try something brand new you have never thought about before. If you need some ideas, consider trying one of the unique hobbies our readers have shared with us as ones they have really enjoyed after picking up for the first time.

Folded Book Art

Folded Book Art
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One unique hobby that is gaining fans is that of folded book art. This hobby has you take old books and carefully measure and fold pages to create a special design. Before you panic, numerous patterns and instructions are free to download online. Once the pages are folded, the book can spell out words or create simple designs. These can then be given as decorations or displayed in the home. Book folding may not be for everyone, but it can also make a great hobby.


Man & woman dancing
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If you want an activity where you can move around and burn off some stress or energy, give dancing a try. The great part about dancing as a hobby is that you do not need to be dedicated to one type of dancing. Take a few classes in several different types of dance, like square dancing, ballet, tap, ballroom, or even salsa. This hobby is great not only for the mind but also for the body. Even if you have little natural ability, trying out new styles and hobbies is fun. You may have a hidden talent that just needs nurturing.


Person taking pictures.
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Photography can be a great deal of fun at any age. The photos can be of anything you choose and can easily be taken with a camera or your phone. Challenge yourself to get out and find certain shapes, a certain type or subject, or create elaborate photos and share them with family and friends. This hobby gets you out and moving and stretches those creative muscles that sometimes atrophy as we age. The goal is to have fun while making memories.


Person writing.
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Most everyone can enjoy a beautifully written card or invitation, but have you ever considered who creates those beautiful letters? Learning calligraphy as a hobby can be relaxing and allow you to create beautiful artwork at the same time. The gentle lines and precision needed for calligraphy can be soothing for many. If you enjoy this type of hobby, you could also earn a bit of extra cash by creating invitations, handwritten cards, or even larger pieces of art for others. Some community centers offer calligraphy courses, or practice sheets can be found online.


A woman geocaching.
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Geocaching is the more adult version of treasure hunting. The treasure is typically something small you photograph, but the fun is in the hunt. All it takes is getting online to find the location of a geocache in your area and then using your GPS to find the exact location. Once you arrive, there is often a puzzle to solve to get to the trinkets and a logbook to sign. Only take a trinket if you have one to leave for the next person, but never take the cache itself. Make sure you pack a lunch of some snacks because geocaching can have you trampling through the woods, climbing through caves, and going on unexpected adventures. All ages can enjoy this hobby.

Ghost Hunting

Dogs in ghost costumes
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If you are a fan of the supernatural, why not try ghost hunting? While television makes it seem like a ton of big-ticket equipment is needed, a basic kit can get you started, and most of this can be downloaded on your phone. Start by getting a partner who is just as interested, and then make sure you have a digital voice recorder. Before doing any actual hunting, make sure you have a detailed plan, have historically researched the spot or person, and have a contingency plan in case something goes wrong. Then you can get out and enjoy.

Tarot Reading

Fortune teller with Tarot cards
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If the spiritual has always called to you, but you never took the time to learn any skills, why not try Tarot reading? Tarot cards can be purchased at many specialty shops but can also be found online. There are many different versions of Tarot cards to choose from, so choose the ones that you feel a close connection to when looking at or holding the cards. Many sets also come with instructions on how to read the cards as far as meanings and different layouts. Have fun practicing on yourself, your family, and your friends as you try this hobby.

Autograph Collecting

Celebrity signing autographs
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If you love sporting events, musicals, concerts, or theater, why not try autograph collecting? This hobby ties in your love of live events with a new collection. Make sure to arrive early or try to go backstage to collect as many autographs as possible. Several options for autograph books can be found online, or you can create your own. Store a ticket stub and a few lines of journaling with each autograph to make sure the memory can always be revisited.

Fossil Hunting

Dinosaur Fossil
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Rafael Trafaniuc.

Fossils are mineralized remains of plants and animals that can be uncovered during a natural event or environmental change. One unique hobby that few experience is fossil hunting. Fossil hunting is not only a great way to get exercise but can also help you start a unique collection at home. One of the most commonly found fossils is that of shark teeth, which are found near beaches, but you can also look for other forms of fossils in dried river beds, earthquake sites, or mining sites that are safe to explore. See what you can discover.


Woman writing
Image Credit: Shutterstock / dekazigzag.

Did you know that up to 80% of people want to write a book in some form, but very few ever actually do it? One hobby that is worth exploring is that of writing. Writing can take on many different forms and functions. Create a blog, write a book, create online poetry, or share short stories. If you find the hobby enjoyable, try self-publishing or actually submitting a manuscript. Perhaps your hobby can turn into a side hustle instead.

Backpacking Travel

A hiker looking at a mountain.
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Sotnikov Misha

Travel can be an amazing hobby, but why not take it a step further and try backpacking travel? The goal of backpacking travel is the journey and the trekking in new places. Another aspect is camping while traveling, packing light, and carrying all you need on your back. If you are up for some unexpected adventure that does require planning, why not consider this hobby? Make sure you are well prepared before heading out, but then enjoy the adventure.


An abandoned building
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Emy Urbex Et Paranormal

The Urbex hobby is one that is infamous in its own right. This is because some people take things too far and put themselves and others in dangerous situations, but that does not mean it cannot be a safe and entertaining hobby. Urbex is about exploring your city’s surroundings to discover unique infrastructures and perspectives and photographing those areas. Find the lesser-known historical spots in your area or safely explore abandoned areas that may hold a long-forgotten history. Make sure to take plenty of photos and journal about the area to keep the memories fresh.


Image Credit: Shutterstock / Artur Didyk

Equestrianism is more than horseback riding. Equestrianism is a wonderful form of exercise and a great way to connect with other riders and animals. Learning to ride a horse can take on many styles and forms. Find a local stable to try learning to ride western, hunt seat, saddle seat, run barrels, jump, ride cross country, or anything in between. You can also learn about horses, breeds, and general care between rides.

Storm Chasing

A person in front of a storm
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Cammie Czuchnicki

If you love danger and adventure, why not consider storm chasing as a hobby? Storm chasing is broadly defined as the purposeful pursuit of a severe weather phenomenon. Storm chasers will need some knowledge of meteorology to know when and where weather phenomena may occur. Once a weather pattern is identified, the storm chaser goes to the location to collect photos, videos, and other data if you choose to take it that far. There is danger associated with such a pursuit, but the hobby itself can be wildly fulfilling.


Man solving a Rubix Cube
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Neil Bussey.

Speedcubing may sound like an odd hobby, but it can be an extreme amount of fun. This hobby is about challenging yourself intellectually and practicing timed dexterity. Speedcubing is all about solving the elusive Rubik cubes many of us had as children. The goal is to solve the puzzle as fast as possible. Perhaps you never actually solved your old Rubik cube; no worries! There are many tutorials online about solving the cube, and your speed will increase as you practice. Find others to ‘battle’ against and see who can solve the fastest.


Woman playing a Guitar
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Vadym Pastukh

Hobbies can take on so many different forms. A hobby is meant to help you relax and destress after a long week at work. Finding a hobby can seem silly or difficult, but we have offered several unique hobbies you may not have considered. What will you try first? Don’t limit yourself to one.

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