10 Unique Cocktails That Are Worth a Try

Need a reason to lift your glass for a toast? May 13th is World Cocktail Day – designed to be a global celebration of cocktails.

While you likely have your tried and true drinks, there are dozens of drinks out there you may have never had the opportunity to try. We’ll share with you 10 unique cocktails that many people haven’t tried before.

Some of these are twists on classics, while others are newer. However, with the right ingredients, you can try all of these from your own home.

Gin Fizz

Refreshing Cold Egg Gin Fizz with a Lemon Garnish
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Brent Hofacker

Here’s a cocktail that has been around a long time – since 1876, in fact. The Gin Fizz is a unique one that is classy and tart, so it’s not for everyone. What makes this cocktail so unique isn’t the ingredients but the topping. The Gin Fizz is made from gin, lemon, and simple syrup, with an egg white foam on the top.

French 75

Boozy Bubbly Lemon French 75 Cocktail with Champagne
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Brent Hofacker

While many cocktails have a casual vibe to them, the French 75 is all about sophistication and elegance. These are served in a champagne flute, helping to elevate their air of sophistication. It’s described as bubbly and tart, so it’s more suited to a summer brunch. As its name implies, it was created in Paris, France sometime in the 1920s.

To make the French 75, combine simple syrup, lemon juice, ice, and gin in a cocktail shaker and shake well. Pour the strained drink into a chilled flute and then top it with chilled sparkling wine. You can also add a lemon twist for garnish if you like.

Bee’s Knees

Delicious bee's knees cocktail and ingredients on white marble table
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The bee’s knees is a classic saying that was coined more than a century ago and it seems fitting for this tasty cocktail. The Bee’s Knees cocktail is a classic offering that boasts a smooth flavor with a bit of sweetness. It’s made from gin, honey syrup, and lemon. The lemon helps cut through the sweetness so it’s still fresh and crisp. And the best part? You can also make honey syrup at home using a simple syrup recipe that replaces the refined white sugar with honey.

Dark and Stormy

Dark and stormy cocktail with ginger ale and rum
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Elena Veselova

If you want a cocktail with substance, the Dark and Stormy is the way to go. This one is from Bermuda and is so extremely easy to make at home, that you don’t even need a shaker. It consists of dark rum, ginger beer, fresh lime juice, and candied ginger for garnish. Be sure to mix the drink in a glass with plenty of ice, as this one is best chilled.


Spicy michelada with hot jalapeno peppers and lime.
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Rimma Bondarenko

For those who can’t decide between a cocktail or a beer, why not blend the two? The Michelada is made from tomato juice, beer, and a mix of spices. It’s meant to deliver a kick of flavor, especially if you opt for the “Zesty” version. The basics of the Zesty Michelada are fresh lime juice, tomato juice, sugar, beer, Cholula hot sauce, smoky all-purpose rub (for the rim), and Worcestershire sauce. This one isn’t for the faint of heart.

Sherry Cobbler

Sherry Cobbler cocktail.
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Maksym Fesenko

The Sherry Cobbler is part of a 19th-century collection of cocktails that were meant to be enjoyed during the winter holidays. This one is pretty strong and is best enjoyed over ice being sipped through a straw. The ingredients are two halved orange wheels, dry Amontillado sherry, simple syrup, crushed ice, and mint sprigs.

Jack Rose

Refreshing Boozy Jack Rose Apple Cocktail with Brandy
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Brent Hofacker

Here’s a little-known cocktail by the name of Jack Rose. This one has a distinct flavor thanks to the apple brandy, just be sure to use a good quality one. The Jack Rose contains apple brandy, grenadine, fresh lemon juice, and a lemon twist for garnish.

Moscow Mule

Icy Cold Moscow Mules with Ginger Beer and Vodka
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Brent Hofacker

Moscow Mule is another classic that shouldn’t be overlooked. It too uses ginger beer, like so many other cocktails, and mixes it with vodka. It originated in Moscow and it’s said the cocktail was part of a marketing ploy to help sell more vodka and ginger beer in the country. The drink also features fresh lime juice and ice. To serve this one most classically, you’ll need a chilled copper mug. These look elegant, and do a great job at keeping the cocktail cold.


Fresh pink Paloma cocktail.
Image Credit: Shutterstock / apolonia

Tequila can be found in many different cocktails with the Paloma being a great option. This one is meant to be light and refreshing, ideal for those who find margaritas a bit too strong and heavy. Think of a hot summer day when you want a drink that cools you down and the Paloma is ideal. The base is club soda and fresh grapefruit juice, then you add tequila, a touch of sugar, fresh lime juice, and ginger beer.

New Orleans Fizz

New Orleans Fizz gin cocktail with a sliced lemon garnish
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Candice Bell

And finally, we have the New Orleans Fizz. This was “the drink” during the 1915 Mardi Gras parade and celebrations and has managed to stick around. “Fizz” cocktails are popular in general, which is why there are so many interesting iterations of them. This one features a creamy froth on top that is unexpected and tasty. It is also meant to be so thick that a straw can stand up in the cocktail.

The New Orleans Fizz features gin, simple syrup, freshly squeezed lime juice, freshly squeezed lemon juice, cream, one medium egg white, club soda, and orange flower water. It’s a bit more tedious than some of the other cocktail recipes, but the flavor makes it well worth the effort.

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