7 Ways to Splurge on Your Next Disney Trip to Make it a True Luxury Getaway

Most people associate visiting Disney parks with hot days and long lines. While that’s part of the experience, some Disney resorts also offer true luxury experiences for guests. You may not associate luxury and Disney together, but it is possible!

What’s the catch here? Most of these options aren’t within the budget of the average parkgoer. The good thing about that, however, is that long lines and issues with booking may not be present for those who can afford these perks. If you want to make your next Disney visit truly unique and you’re not afraid to put some extra money down to make it so, here are seven ways to upgrade your upcoming vacation at Disney Resorts.

Keep in mind that some of these options do sell out well in advance, so they might require a bit of planning ahead of time – you won’t be able to just call up for your trip next week and book all of these. How far in advance depends on which luxury option you are looking at.

Get On a Cruise to Enjoy the Fireworks Show

Colorful fireworks in Electric Ocean show at Seaworld 13
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You’ve made it to the end of the night, and you’re exhausted from being in the sun all day. There’s still the fireworks show, so you can’t go home just yet. The problem is that you may look up into the sky with 20 rows of people in front of you, trying to see something. Your kids may not even glimpse what’s happening unless you put them on your shoulders.

One way to enjoy the fireworks shows at multiple Disney resorts is to board a boat that takes you to the perfect location to see the magic. Private cruises that can fit up to ten people start at around $450. They include food and drinks and set sail from many of the hotels around Epcot and the Magic Kingdom. If you’re staying at a Disney Hotel, ask the staff where to book and board one of these tours.

Upgrade to a Luxury Suite at a Disney Hotel

Luxury Suite at a hotel.
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Admittedly, not all rooms at on-property hotels will provide an exciting stay. You may be better off staying away from the resort if you can’t get a top-notch room within it. When you consider a luxury suite at a Disney hotel, you can expect impressive theming and premium service.

The concierge service can make everything worthwhile. How much would you have to spend for an experience like this? In Florida, two of the favorite options for guests include a suite at the Grand Floridian and the Polynesian. Most days, these rooms go for around $3,500 per night. Don’t expect these rates in California, though. A night at the Grand Californian can set you back almost $8,000 in June.

Get a VIP Tour of Your Favorite Disney Resort

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The best way to avoid the lines and crowds at a Disney Resort is to book a VIP tour. The guide will pick you up at the park entrance and take you through the backstage area to avoid those entrance gate queues. This guide can also give you VIP access to rides and even let you see a side of the park that most people will never enter.

Costs for this service at Florida Parks can reach up to $900 per hour. The good news is that the cost can include ten people. This service also allows guests to book their guide for the entire Walt Disney World stay.

A Dining Experience Based on a Tale as Old as Time

A fairytale dining area.
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Premium dining is always worthwhile if the food is up to par. In this case, you’ll be paying for not just the food but also the ambiance. These experiences are based on different Disney classics. One of the popular options is a three-course dinner inspired by “Beauty and the Beast.” It’s not the priciest option, at $70 per person.

The Grand Floridian Resort has its Chef’s table at Victoria and Albert’s restaurant, which will set guests back more than $70. This option costs around $650 per person. If you want the priciest Disney dinner, head to 21 Royal, located within the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Anaheim. The cost for dinner here is $18,000 for a group of 12 people.

Honeymoon or Wedding Experience

Disneyland souvenirs bride and groom
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Many brides have dreamed of getting married dressed as a Disney princess or of enjoying the first days of their happily ever after story within the park. Some of these experiences aren’t necessarily found on a menu where you can pick and choose exactly what you want, which means that their prices fluctuate. To organize your Magic Kingdom wedding, the best first step is to talk to a certified Disney Travel agent. They’ll be able to get you in the door.

Reportedly, one of the park’s most costly vacations featuring a princess-themed ceremony was actually an 80th birthday. Multiple family members flew to Florida on a private jet. They stayed at the largest suite offered by the nearby Four Seasons hotel. They also booked multiple days of private tours around the parks. All of that set the family back about $500,000.

Princess Makeover

Woman dress up as Disney Character Aurora
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This option may not seem like a massive splurge, especially after the previous experience we described. However, it could be a splurge that’s more readily available to a wider range of guests. It’s also a way to make one of the most precious Disney memories, particularly for kids.

Packages start at $99.99 in Florida and California. At multiple locations throughout the park, you can also get a “makeover” with a painted face at a lower rate. The makeover referenced here is a bit more extensive than those options. If you truly want the full princess treatment, which includes a custom gown and interaction with a Disney princess at the park, that will set you back $450.

Buy a Custom Photo Package

A child posing for a photo.
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If you haven’t found anything within your budget, this is the option for you. Multiple photographers are stationed all over the Disney parks, in addition to the photo studios offering the typical edited photos popular with groups. Suppose you want a professional photo taken with your favorite Disney attraction in the background. In that case, the photographers roaming the parks can be the perfect solution.

The cost of these services can vary quite a bit. If you arrive at the parks during the peak season, you could pay $200 for these services. On a slow day, the same service could set you back around $185. These photos can be the perfect way to remember your day at any one of the parks.

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