Safari Destinations That Support Wildlife Conservation & Animal Protection

Nothing is more magical than a safari, except maybe a safari that focuses efforts on wildlife conservation and animal protection. From an unforgettable breakfast dining experience with a rare giraffe to quiet observation deck viewing, these destinations take conservation to the next level.

Some offer surprise visits from the Big-5 safari animals, while others offer eco-friendly amenities and vegan dining delights. Each destination is committed to protecting and conserving animals and nature.

Conserving our earth’s natural resources, and protecting wildlife, can go hand in hand with an exciting safari adventure. Choosing the right destination that fits a traveler’s thoughtful plans ensures an unforgettable and meaningful experience.  Choosing one that takes conservation and wildlife protection seriously is important and should be at the forefront of every traveler’s expectations.

Camp ya Kanzi – Kenya

Big lion lying on savannah grass.
Image Credit: Shutterstock / PHOTOCREO Michal Bednarek

Travelers looking for a boutique safari experience will enjoy this destination. Located in the Chyulu Hills of Kenya, this eco-friendly safari offers luxury and beauty. Green forests rich in unique natural habitat will take guests’ breath away as they enjoy the beauty of Maasai land. Zebras, giraffes, lions and predatory Leopards are just some of the wildlife visitors.

Guests can immerse themselves in the rich Maasai culture, and enjoy abundant luxury in this five-star destination. This destination is 100% solar powered and carbon neutral, sustaining the environment. Luxury tented suites offer the classical safari experience with earthy decor reflective of the outdoor environment. From the exquisite Italian linens to the running hot and cold water, nothing is amiss.

Snow Leopard Lodge – Ulley, Ladakh – India

Snow leopard portrait close up on dark background.
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Kwadrat

The ghost of the Himalayas, known as the snow leopard, is an elusive creature. It’s hard to catch a glimpse, but staying at this boutique remote, high altitude lodge offers the best possible chance to do so. Deep in its rich rural roots, this small lodging offers travelers the chance to disconnect from technology for a while. This lodge takes conservation seriously, devoted to the local rural community and snow leopard through the Snow Leopard Conservancy.

Besides the snow leopard, there are sightings of Himalayan fox and bearded vultures. Accommodations are resplendent in rich local themed decor while offering eco friendly toiletries and amenities. The cozy sitting area, private baths for all six bedrooms that accommodate twelve in this cabin style home are unforgettable. The hosts are naturalists and snow leopard trackers. Meals offer the perfect blending of homemade Ladahki, Indian and Continental cuisine.

Tiger Canyon Private Game Reserve – Philippolis – South Africa

Tiger cub yawning in a Private Game Reserve in South Africa.
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Henk Bogaard

This natural reserve for tigers and cheetahs effortlessly blends the beauty of nature and conservation together in one all-inclusive lodge. Guests can travel to the destination to enjoy watching big cats roam free in the Tiger Canyon. The reserve is one of the top leaders in establishing an ex-situ population of wild tigers outside the range of Asia. They were also the first to bring the wild cheetah back after a very lengthy absence.

Unforgettable, gourmet and diverse Karoos cuisine are served three times daily in an intimate setting that caters to smaller groups. No more than six guests can be accommodated at a time in this completely off grid lodge. The lodge is private, offering an intimate experience to engage with wildlife in various ways.

Solio Lodge – The Safari Collection – Kenya

A jeep stops while a Giraffe crosses the road during a Safari in Kenya.
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Nibaphoto

This multiple location of lodges for destination safaris makes conservation the forefront of their efforts. The Solio Lodge is located in a very special Rhino Breeding Sanctuary where black and white Rhinos can be spotted. Each location, including Solio Lodge, helps protect wildlife animals and habitats from poaching. While this may seem enough for some travelers, this collection of lodgings focus on local communities, helping them thrive while making eco-friendly dining and amenities available to travelers.

A starter breakfast with a rare Giraffe friend followed by an intense safari drive will awaken the senses upon arrival. Surrounded by engaging and lively staff that are passionate about wildlife conservation, guests can enjoy both land and helicopter adventures. Beyond the Rhino, chance encounters with Buffalo and Giraffe will make for an unforgettable experience. When guests need a break from the animals, they can enjoy bike and horse riding or walking explorations in nature.

Kings Camp – Hoedspruit – South Africa

Elephant silhouette with red sunset in south africa.
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Andre Klopper

Travelers looking for elegance in a more grand setting will enjoy this 5-star hotel run by a husband and wife team. The focus on the Big-5 wildlife animals people long to see is provided via drives, walking safaris or from the comfort of the lodge. The close-by watering hole and viewing deck offer a beautiful place to start or end the day while enjoying the Savanna Plains. The rehabilitation center offers a glimpse into the conservation and animal protection efforts made.

This lodge is eco-friendly, offering luxurious spa treatments and a gym for guests to use. The provision of cruelty free products for guests and vegan meals makes it an unforgettable destination. Suites are opulent in decor, with stunning views of the African bush. The Boma and Bush dinners and breakfast offer exciting dining experiences for guests. Enjoy a bit of South African wine or candlelight dinner for a memorable moment.

Air Safari 269 – Cape Town – South Africa

A very content looking leopard lying in a tree.
Image Credit: Shutterstock / LouisLotterPhotography

This 100% Vegan destination adventure caters to travelers who make the same conscious efforts. The ex-airline pilot is passionate about sharing his vision through these safari adventures. Many packages are offered for diverse travelers’ needs, both on land and in the air.

Other activities for travelers include a barefoot foraging walk for a deeper connection between human and nature. Eco friendly offerings and toiletries add to the appeal for protecting wildlife. Guests will enjoy engaging with local culture and community depending on which destination package is chosen. Stargazing, sightings of large cats and African wild dogs are just some of the offered experiences.

The Ark – Kenya

An African buffalo is drinking in a pool of water in the savannah.
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Roby1960

Destination travelers looking for a unique Noah’s Ark experience, a night safari, is a great place to start. Spotting nocturnal animals like black Rhino, as well as some elephants and Cape buffalo, will be the highlight of anyone’s night. Rare sightings of giant forest hog and bongo have also been made at this destination. Finishing off the nighttime adventure with a bit of stargazing at this oasis destination known as the Ark.

Travelers can enjoy their adventure from the viewing decks that overlook the watering hole and salt lick or embark on a drive adventure. The staff of this conservation forward lodge are committed to thoughtfully connecting travelers to wildlife and community. The decor is reflective of the outdoor surroundings while bringing guests peace and comfort. One of multiple lodgings offered by Marasa, each one offers its own unique experience. Guests receive personalized notification if they choose to go to sleep when traveling wildlife appears.

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