Remote Workers Are Making Disney World Their Full-Time Home – Is This a Viable Option?

According to Orlando locals, more and more remote workers are setting up shop in the area to live out their dream of literally living within Disney World. This was a trend that people started to pick up on during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, but of course, at the time that the parks reopened. Writers and social media managers are among the popular professions of these folks who now call Disney World home. How viable is it, though, to pack things up and move to Orlando to live out this dream?

The cheapest and quickest way to move to Orlando, at least temporarily, is to use a platform like Spare Room. Here, remote workers can find a place to stay within the city for around $1000-$1500 per month. There are other options below that price range, but naturally, the closer you are to the resort, the more expensive the room will be. It’s not even necessary to have a car, and in fact, it could make more sense to use public transportation to get to the Disney Parks. The local bus service in Orlando currently costs $50 for 30 days of unlimited trips. You’ll have to do some walking to get from the bus stops to the parks, but paying for daily parking at Disney World is not a cost-effective option at all. Plus, once you’re within Disney property, you can ride the monorail around for free to different parts of the resort.

One of the biggest expenses is the annual pass, which grants you access to every park at Walt Disney World. That pass costs about $1500. People who spend a considerable amount of time in the parks could certainly justify the cost. According to Nerd Wallet, the cheapest food options at the parks will cost an average of $19 per day for two guests. Of course, that’s not a viable long-term solution unless you’re looking to also do a sequel to the documentary “Super Size Me.”

After running the numbers, it’s actually not “that expensive” to move to Orlando and visit the parks on the regular. According to a popular Disney food blogger, this is the main reason why people are headed to this part of Florida,

“People want to move to Orlando, (because) they want to feel like they live in Disney World… You’re closer to the place that makes you happy, and you can access it much more quickly when you’re done working.”

Working directly from the Disney World resort complex is not all sunshine and rainbows. Actually, the issue is that there may be too much sunshine. One of the things that people point out is that there aren’t too many indoor spots to sit and work at. You’d likely have to pay for a meal that’s probably going to cost north of the $19 that was set as the low-cost food budget to be able to access an AC-equipped facility from which you can work. Regardless of the challenges, it seems that more and more people are taking the leap of faith. Fulfilling their dream of living in a Disney Park, even if it’s just for a season.

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