Popular Tourist Destinations Increasing Their Prices This Spring

Many popular tourist destinations worldwide are going to increase their prices starting this spring and into the summer. If you’re planning a trip to some of these places, you want to make sure that you don’t get caught off guard. This is especially true because some of these spots used to be free, but there’s going to be an entry fee attached to them from now on. Make sure that you have enough cash on hand to enjoy your trip!

We start off in Japan, where local authorities are doing everything that they can to reduce the amount of tourists that they are taking in. Recently, they announced new regulations to the Geisha District that hope to limit interactions between particularly foreign tourists and these famed performers. Now, it’s Mount Fuji that the local government seems eager to protect. They’re adding a 13-dollar fee to climb the popular spot. Also, rail passes for tourists saw an uptick of 70%. Now, an unlimited 14-day pass to ride the train in any direction costs north of 500 dollars.

Heading back home, Walt Disney World is among the popular attractions that have increased their prices. In this case, it will be until 2025 when guests will have to pony up more money to enter the parks. The biggest increase is the single-day ticket price for Animal Kingdom. That pass currently costs $109, and it will move up to $119 once the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, 2024. The Magic Kingdom will also increase its prices by a total of 5 dollars, bringing the single-day pass to up to $189. It’s important to keep in mind that Disney runs a dynamic pricing system. Depending on the day, guests could pay more or less for their tickets according to how strong demand has been so far during that time of the year.

The local government in Seville, Spain, is thinking about making tourists pay a fee to access the city’s most important public square. This is like if NYC decided to charge for access to Times Square! The plan proposed by the city’s mayor has come under plenty of scrutiny already. However, he claims that charging tourists for access to “Plaza España” would bring in revenue that could help maintain the square itself. The proposal contemplates that only tourists would have to pay. Locals would be able to roam the square freely as they’ve always done. This fee isn’t set yet, but it may be a good idea to keep a few euros in the back pocket on your next trip to Seville, just in case.

Travelers visiting Paris throughout the whole year have maybe unknowingly been paying for the cost of hosting the Olympic Games. Since January, the entry fee to the Louvre Museum, the most visited in the world and home to the Mona Lisa, has cost 22 euros. That’s up from 17 in 2023. People headed to the French capital to enjoy the games are going to have to deal with higher metro prices. The local government announced that they’d be selling tickets for 16 euros, which would cover unlimited travel for one day, with the weekly pass costing north of 70 euros. People who arrive in Paris maybe a week before the games could save by stacking up their Metro cards before the updated prices come into effect!

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