TSA Pre-Check Program Expanding To More Airlines

The TSA Pre-Check program has just extended its coverage, adding eight more airlines to the service. These additions will allow passengers flying to Europe or popular destinations like the Bahamas to use the PreCheck lane when going through security in the US. One of the biggest surprise adds to the list was Spanish Airline Iberia. As a member of the OneWorld Alliance of airlines, perhaps the biggest surprise at this point was the fact that it wasn’t on the TSA list.

Now, travelers boarding flights from the US, typically with Madrid at the other end, will be able to use the PreCheck lane. Another interesting addition to the list was the premium airline La Compagnie. This Paris-based airline offers all-business-class flights. It currently operates only two aircraft, both Airbus A321neo versions. Both planes have only one aisle with seats on either side. In the US, it flies in and out of Newark Airport to Paris. Now, the members of the Pre-Check program will be able to use the dedicated precheck security lines.

Canadian airline Air Transat is another one of the larger companies that are now entering the list. This carrier operates mostly out of the Quebec region in Canada. Naturally, it features quite a few routes that fly into and out of the US. Now, members of the TSA Pre-Check program and the Global Entry program will be able to reap their benefits on these flights as well.

The full list of airlines added in this most recent batch include:

  • Air Premia
  • Air Tahiti Nui
  • Air Transat
  • Bahamasair
  • BermudAir
  • Iberia
  • La Compagnie
  • New Pacific Airlines
  • The addition of these airlines could very well make the program more appealing to travelers—particularly those who travel the routes offered by these airlines on a consistent basis. As mentioned, Iberia is perhaps the biggest airline that’s making a debut on the TSA list. That can be great news for travelers who constantly cross the Atlantic from the USA to land in Spain. The TSA list already included virtually all the popular domestic airlines that also offer international routes, as well as other large carriers from across the world, such as Fly Emirates, Etihad Airways, Air France, and Air Canada, amongst others.

    To enroll in the program, people must apply online and then head to a location where they’ll be asked to present the necessary documents and have their fingerprints scanned. What’s unique about the process is that the price to enroll depends on the company that you enroll with. Currently, there are two main companies that process submissions to enter the program. Telos charges people 85 dollars to apply for the TSA pre-check program. IDEMIA, on the other hand, only charges 78 dollars to enroll in the program.

    While the price to enroll can be a determining factor in choosing a company, the locations for the in-person screening are usually what dictate which company works best for a specific traveler. It doesn’t make too much sense to drive an extra hour to save less than 10 dollars. Renewals can be processed online with both companies. In each case, the cost is 70 dollars to renew the subscription to the program. IDEMA, however, offers in-person renewals at an increased price of 78 dollars.

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