Permits Reveal Plans for New Roller Coaster at Disney Park

Recently filed permits reveal that Disney, along with Shanghai Shendi Group, the company that jointly operates the Disney park in Shanghai, has their eyes set on a roller coaster for an upcoming expansion.

According to the documents, Disney filed a permit to build a rather large roller coaster that will take up 6 acres of land within the park. The plans speak not only of the size of the project but also of the fact that a coaster will be built in the area effectively. Due to the location stated in the permit, this roller coaster could be part of the new Zootopia-themed land that already exists.

Theme Park Insider, for their part, is not subscribing to the Zootopia theory. According to the popular site, the coaster is actually going to be themed to Spider-Man. That would be consistent with the predominant Marvel theming that’s been showing up at other Disney parks. Regardless of the theming, the new coaster would be one of the few actual thrill rides available at the Shanghai park. The park currently boasts the Seven Dwarfs Mine train, which is almost like an updated version of the classic Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. When it comes to the fastest attraction currently available at the park, that award would have to go to the Tron Lightcycle Power Run.

The Shanghai property, which opened in 2016, is already Disney’s largest overseas theme park. One of the main reasons the park has continued to expand is that Disney doesn’t cover the full costs of expansion. The Shanghai Shendi Group helps Disney carry the weight on this property.

But it’s not just new coasters that are coming to the park. In March 2024, it was announced that the park will get a brand new 400-room hotel for guests to stay on property. At this point, further plans for the hotel or information regarding the theming have yet to be revealed. However, all of the speculations about both the hotel and the new coaster could soon come to an end. Disney executives are expected to hold a press conference to reveal the new plans for the Shanghai park on May 2nd – that’s when we’ll likely get the official announcement that a new coaster is, in fact, coming to the park.

The permits could steal some of the thunder that Disney had planned for the upcoming press conference. Therefore, it wouldn’t be surprising if the company revealed even more information about these upcoming updates sooner rather than later.

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