Small Acts of Kindness You Can Do to Brighten Someone Else’s Day on PayDay It Forward

It’s easy to get caught up in the stress and hustle of your day. It can feel like you’re just going through the motions, moving from one task to the next, not even aware of your surroundings at times. The mundaneness can get to you and leave you feeling like you aren’t making much of an impact on the world.

This is why PayDay It Forward Day, which occurs on March 29, exists. It’s a chance to remind yourself that others surround you, and you can’t possibly know what they may be going through. Your small act of kindness might be all it takes to make their day.

Here, we’ll look at some of the ways you can pay it forward through small acts of kindness that brighten someone’s day.

Volunteer for Environmental Clean-Up Duties

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This act of kindness is not exactly glamorous, but it greatly impacts your community. Volunteering your time is always selfless, but volunteering for environmental clean-up will leave a positive impact. It helps the community to look better, helps the wildlife, and ensures that the environment stays healthy for all to enjoy.

Look into any local groups seeking volunteers to help clean up the shorelines of rivers and lakes, pick up garbage and debris in a local park, or even walk around your neighborhood wearing gloves and carrying a large garbage bag.

Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

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Another place you can volunteer is at the local animal shelter. These organizations are often short-staffed and are all too happy to have volunteers lend a hand. If you want to take things further and opt for a more sifnificant act of kindness, you could become a foster parent for a dog or cat until it finds its forever home. Again, local shelters are always looking for foster homes they can vet and utilize.

If volunteering at an animal shelter is impossible, you could always donate money, donate unused bags of food, or even drop off blankets and towels from your house that you don’t need.

Purchase a Coffee for the Person in Line behind You

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Many people start their day by hitting up their favorite coffee shop. That caffeine rush can be exactly what they need to get their day off to a good start. This means it’s also a great place to show an act of kindness. Purchase a coffee for the person in line behind you, and maybe a muffin or a bagel. Just think what a pleasant surprise it will be for them when they step up to the counter and learn their breakfast is free.

Take Food to a Neighbor’s House

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This one takes some work, but it will be greatly appreciated. Taking food to a neighbor’s house was once common, but it has fallen by the wayside like so many other things.

You could make them your favorite dishes, such as a casserole or a hearty pasta meal, or you can opt for sweets like freshly baked cookies, muffins, pie, or a cake. No matter what you take them, this will be seen as a lovely act of kindness.

If you don’t have a neighbor to bring food to, you could always show up at a friend’s or family member’s house or bring it to a particularly busy co-worker.

Offer Free Babysitting Services to a Close Friend or Family Member

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Parents rarely get time to themselves, and date nights typically need to be planned weeks, even a month in advance. For parents who don’t have a regular babysitter they can rely on, alone time is even more impossible.

Here’s where you can Pay It Forward. Offer your close friend or family member free babysitting services on their chosen date. This could make a significant difference for them, as they may not even remember the last time they had adult time without the kids.

Pass Along a Gas Gift Card

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Here’s a necessity that keeps climbing in price. Gas can be one of the priciest household expenses after a person’s mortgage and utilities. If they have to commute long distances daily, it takes quite a chunk of their household income.

On Pay It Forward Day, you can purchase a gift card for the gas station and ask the attendant to gift it to the next person who comes in. Even if it doesn’t cover the full cost of their gas, it will help, and that’s likely more than enough to brighten their day.

Make Clothing Donations to the Salvation Army or Goodwill

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Donating clothing is an easy yet important way to show an act of kindness. If you have items you are no longer wearing or that aren’t getting enough love from you, then it’s time to pass them along. The Salvation Army and Goodwill are always happy to accept adult and child clothing donations.

Paying a Compliment to Someone Is Free and Impactful

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Maybe you don’t have the budget to purchase gift cards, food, or drinks for someone, but you want to participate in Pay It Forward Day. Did you know that paying someone a compliment can brighten their entire day? You don’t know when they last received a compliment, if they suffer from low self-esteem, or just need a pick-me-up.

You can compliment their great smile, beautiful eyes, how the color of the shirt they’re wearing brightens up their complexion, or any other compliment that comes to mind. An authentic compliment feels wonderful to the person receiving it.

Parents Can Encourage Kids to Take Part, Too

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And just as a reminder, Pay It Forward Day isn’t just for adults; kids can take part, too. This is a great opportunity for parents to teach kids about doing small and selfless acts for others. It’s about putting the needs and feelings of someone else first. Ask them for ways they would like to participate or have them join you in your random acts of kindness.

You Don’t Have to Reserve These Acts for One Day a Year

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The great thing about paying it forward to others is that you can and should do this whenever possible. There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when you put a smile on someone else’s face, knowing you’ve made a positive difference in their day.

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