Big changes coming to Disneyland Paris parks with rebrand to Disney Adventure World

New updates are coming to Disneyland Paris’ second park, currently called Walt Disney Studios Park. It opened in 2002, during an austerity-filled era within the Disney Parks. The company was trying to embark on multiple large projects at once, and things didn’t necessarily go as planned (for reference, see the first years of Disney California Adventure). Currently, the park features attractions themed to the world of Pixar and a version of the Avengers Campus, which are the biggest experiences within the property.

Part of these new updates is a name change to the park, which from now on will now be known as Disney Adventure World. Apart from the name change, there will be a brand-new land themed to Frozen that could potentially serve as the park’s main anchor. Some of the newer attractions, like the Avengers Campus and Pixar Land, could remain intact. The idea is to remove essentially a lot of the studio theming, which made the park similar to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida.

Most of the retheming will take place in the areas near the entrance, particularly Toon Studio and Production Courtyard. With the name change and this idea of dropping the movie studio theme, it only makes sense that this is where the updates will start. Some of the newer additions to the park, like the Tower of Terror or the Marvel Complex, are located at the back of the park. Most of these areas had already “dropped” the movie studio theme.

Guests can expect new experiences and attractions not just at the park itself. Part of these updates will also take place in some of the nearby hotels and shopping districts. In fact, the Disney Village shopping district is one of the areas slated to receive a major overhaul. The movie studio theme is also getting dropped in favor of a Broadway-themed area. People should expect brand-new stage shows to arrive at the park soon!

The Disney Davy Crockett Ranch Bungalows, which are currently one of the most popular lodging options within the resort, are being fully replaced. There’s no word on what the new hotel will look like. Disney is saying that these bungalows will ultimately be “phased out” to feature new modern accommodations. How big of an overhaul are we talking about here? If we take the word of Disneyland Paris’ president Natacha Rafalski, the overhaul is set to be massive! He recently mentioned:

Embracing a transformation that involves the overhaul of more than 90% of Walt Disney Studios Park since its debut in 2002, we’re unveiling a fresh creative vision that has completely redefined our second gate… This significant evolution inspired us to rename the Park, heralding a vibrant new chapter for Disneyland Paris. The new name will officially take effect coinciding with the grand opening of our next themed land, World of Frozen, marking a harmonious start to this exciting new era.

When are these updates slated to begin? The promise made by Disneyland Paris is that people can start seeing changes this month! However, it will be interesting to see how the project unfolds. It’s likely that with the upcoming Olympic Games, some of the work may be delayed so that guests don’t arrive at a park with empty attractions and little new elements to counteract what’s currently getting replaced.

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