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In the last few years, the Disney has been busy making sure that its parks provide new experiences on a consistent basis to essentially give people more reasons to return. This wasn’t always the case, either due to a lack of funds or even an issue with property limits; Disney wasn’t able to upgrade its parks as frequently. The Anaheim park suffered plenty from those problems. Now, it’s become the norm to provide new and improved ways for people to enjoy themselves at the parks almost yearly. Walt Disney World is getting a brand-new ride and a new late show for guests to enjoy!

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure has been getting a lot of hype in the last few weeks prior to its pending opening. The attraction has some pretty big shoes to fill as it’s coming to replace one of the long-time favorites, Splash Mountain. Disney Imagineers felt it was right to keep the ride concept very similar to that of the traditional attraction. That means that guests are going to be boarding a log, just like at the former Splash Mountain.

In fact, all information points to the fact that the “track” is going to be either identical to that of Splash Mountain or will only suffer minor adjustments. The final drop, which was always the highlight of the former attraction, remains exactly the same. It’s a 52.5-foot drop that guests will have to endure before they leave the attraction soaking wet. Plenty of thought went into creating the ride story. One of the issues with picking The Princess and the Frog as the Disney movie to anchor the attraction on is the fact that New Orleans, where the story takes place, is mostly a flat city. Therefore, finding a mountain that Tiana and her friends would be at wasn’t an easy fit.

Ultimately, Imageneers came up with a clever backstory for the ride. The story sees Tiana purchase a salt dome, which is, in essence, where the new ride takes place. All the original voice actors from the film reprise their roles for the attraction, which is certainly a big win for fans of the film.

This won’t be the only new element at Walt Disney World heading into the summer. Disney Springs is getting a new nightly drone show. The show will use the aforementioned drones to light up the sky with shapes alluding to some of the most popular Disney characters. According to insiders, the best place to catch this show is going to be over the water. Finding a spot on the Lake Front walk area is going to be the first step toward enjoying this show to the fullest.

Disney explored the concept a few years back. They created a holiday-themed drone show in the same area, which fans really enjoyed at the time. The success of that holiday show is likely what led to the creation of this new experience. Disney has already released some preview photos to get people excited.

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