10 Interesting Facts About Puppies You May Not Have Known Before National Puppy Day

When it comes to “man’s best friend”, dogs take the top spot. They are loyal, loving, and faithful companions who stick with you through thick and thin. Those who’ve been lucky enough to call a dog part of their family know better than anyone just how special these canine companions are. So it should come as no surprise that there is a day calling attention to dogs – National Puppy Day.

Taking place March 23rd, National Puppy Day isn’t just about sharing photos of your puppy on Instagram. It’s about spreading awareness about all the sweet puppies out there who need a loving home. Life with a puppy means something new every day and being prepared to have your heart stolen by them almost immediately.

For those thinking about getting a puppy or who have recently adopted one, here are 10 facts about puppies that you may not know.

There Is Such a Thing as Identical Puppy Twins

Two happy running puppies of golden retriever
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Orientgold

Most are aware of the fact that puppies are born as part of a litter, but did you know that there has been a confirmed case of identical puppy twins? This happened back in 2016 in South Africa when a vet confirmed twins while performing a caesarean section on the mother. This doesn’t mean this was the first ever puppy twins, it’s just the first documented and confirmed case.

The dog breed was Irish Wolfhound, and the two puppies went through genetic analysis to be confirmed as identical twins.

Their Coat Will Change Over the First Year or So

Small cute puppy of maltese dog sitting in the grass
Image Credit: Shutterstock / matushaban

Your puppy may look adorable now, but be prepared for them to go through some visual changes as they age. In particular, the color, texture, length, and thickness of their coat can change over the first year or so as your puppy matures into an adult dog. Generally speaking, it can be harder to determine how a mixed breed will look after they transition into their adult fur/coat because it all depends on which parent’s genes are more predominant.

Puppies Lose Their First Set of Baby Teeth

Border collie puppy with blue eyes
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Annorak Nk

Just like humans, puppies grow a first set of teeth that then fall out so adult teeth can come in. Puppy teeth start falling out at a few months of age, with the adult teeth quickly coming in after that. This is why it can be helpful to buy your puppy some teething toys. Just be sure they are meant for puppies and are safe for them to chew on.

If your puppy seems to be in discomfort or bothered by their adult teeth coming in, you can give them frozen teething toys. This helps to numb the area, reduce swelling, and lessen the discomfort. Some great examples of toys you can freeze are rubber bones and Kongs.

Puppies Spend a Huge Portion of Their Day Sleeping

Baby dog Golden Retriever Puppy
Image Credit: Shutterstock / ConstanzaMartinez

Here’s another fact that is comparable to that of a human baby. Puppies need a lot of sleep, and that’s putting it mildly. They require 15-20 hours a day of sleep, so that means when you see them napping it’s best to leave them. Sleep is what allows them to recharge, stay healthy and strong, and grow.

You may also want to get them a bed or crate that helps them to feel safe and cozy, and signals where they can go to be left alone while sleeping.

Puppies Are Deaf and Blind at Birth Making Them Helpless

Newborn Labrador Retriever Baby and Mother
Image Credit: Shutterstock / studio hoto

If you’ve ever seen a puppy who has just been born then you know how tiny and helpless they appear. Part of that is due to their small size, but puppies are also born both deaf and blind. They are fully dependent on their mother to care for them during the first couple of weeks. They also rely heavily on the sense of smell during this time.

It takes about two weeks for them to hear and open their eyes so they can see.

Go Ahead and Use Puppy Talk

Blond happy girl with her chihuahua doggy portrait lying on lawn
Image Credit: Shutterstock / lunamarina

It’s quite common for people to use “puppy talk” when talking to their cute bundle of fur and it’s more than just a habit. Did you know that puppies react positively to puppy talk? They can’t help but get excited and then feel happy when your voice goes up an octave. It’s a great way to get their tail wagging and get some puppy kisses.

Puppies Know How to Show Affection

Little boy kisses the dog in nose on the window
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Yuliya Evstratenko

And speaking of puppy kisses, puppies are completely capable of showing affection to their human family members. It doesn’t take them long to learn what a hug, cuddle, or kiss is. Not only that, but your puppy will quickly learn these are positive experiences. Expect them to start coming to you asking for affection.

Don’t Wait to Train Your Puppy

Portrait of a little girl on a background of blurred orange leaves in an autumnal sunny day
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There is a common misconception that you need to wait for puppies to be at a certain age before training can begin. Nothing could be further from the truth. Training should begin the day you bring your puppy home, just be realistic about what they are capable of and give them time to adjust and learn.

There are More Puppies Born Daily Than Human Babies

American staffordshire terrier puppies sitting in a box
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Rita_Kochmarjova

Just how much do people love puppies? The UN approximates that 356,000 babies are born worldwide daily. Meanwhile, statistics back in 2008 showed there were a whopping 1.2 million puppies born daily worldwide. That’s a puppy fact you can tell to shock all your friends this National Puppy Day!

Need to Be More Productive with Work – Get Help from a Puppy

Office desk. Objects and black-and-white photos of senior couple
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Ground Picture

No, your puppy can’t help you send those emails. But your furry friend can help change your mindset. If you’re one of the millions who work from home, try looking at your puppy for a boost of productivity. A study done at Hiroshima University back in 2012 showed that when people looked at pictures of puppies, they were more productive and had an easier time concentrating.

Celebrate National Puppy Day by Brushing Up on Your Facts

Labrador retriever dog with a birthday cake and a party hat
Image Credit: Shutterstock / Ljupco Smokovski

These are just a handful of the many interesting facts about puppies. There’s no better way to celebrate National Puppy Day than by learning all you can about these canine companions and their incredible traits.

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