Where Will Most Americans Vacation This Summer, According to Google?

If you’re planning on traveling out of the country this summer to potentially not see other Americans, these are some of the destinations that you’ll want to avoid!

Tech giant Google, as it always does, has compiled the search histories of Americans and crafted their list of the most popular places that people are looking to go this summer. What’s interesting is that many of these spots aren’t necessarily the usual travel destinations that US tourists typically visit. In fact, many more people than perhaps ever before are looking to cross the pond.

Another insight that Google reported was an impressive increase in the number of people searching for “solo travel.” More Americans will seemingly be willing to venture off on their own this summer.

London is the Most Searched Destination

Big Ben in sunny day, London
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The surprises on the list start at the very top, with London being the most searched travel destination. When it comes to worldwide travelers, the UK was recently beaten out by Germany as the most popular European destination. This influx of Americans heading there in the next few months could help the country reclaim the top spot on that list as well. The language is the same, and it’s not as cold and rainy in London over the summer as it usually is. Therefore, it’s not a bad time to pay a visit to Buckingham Palace.

Americans at the Olympic Games

Official logo of SOG 2024 in Paris on white blanket with dark City in night.
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Paris came in at number two on the list. The French capital is going to be a busy hub this summer because of the Olympic Games. Apparently, many people want to go cheer on Team USA. That’s a noble gesture, but anyone who wants to visit Paris this summer should come prepared with a heftier budget. It’s also going to be harder to find lodging options that are still available. If you’re not going to the Olympics, it may not be a great year to visit the French capital just to take in the “regular sights.”

Japan Remains Popular Amongst US Travelers

Himeji Castle in front of Mt. Fuji in Japan
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The impact of Japanese culture on America cannot be understated. From cartoons to food, to technology, for years, people have felt close to Japan even though it’s on the other side of the world. Therefore, it’s not that odd that many travelers want to get to know the source of some of the things that they know and love. The information released by Google confirms this!

Looking to See The Colosseum This Summer

Colosseum in Rome, Italy
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Rome beat out every other European destination besides Paris and London. It’s also ranked higher than all of the other tropical destinations that are popular with American tourists. We have to keep in mind that these search trends don’t indicate that more US travelers will go to Rome this summer than to a popular Mexican beach like Los Cabos. It’s likely that places such as Rome get more searches because Americans who want to travel there need more information to craft their trip than they would if they were headed to any beach in the Caribbean, for example.

NYC is the Most Searched Domestic Destination

New York Times Square.
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Domestic travel is also on many people’s agenda this summer. NYC is the most searched domestic destination on Google. LA, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and Honolulu are some of the other local destinations on the list. Vegas and Orlando are the two cities US cities that follow New York City. In fact, there is about a 50/50 split in this top 20 between domestic and international cities. San Juan in Puerto Rico is the tiebreaker! Technically speaking, that means 11 domestic destinations made the list.

Surprises on the Google Summer Travel List

Seattle downtown skyline and Mt. Rainier, Washington.
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Apart from London’s top spot, there were a few other surprises on the list. Staying on the home front, the fact that Seattle beat out cities like Miami, LA, and even Honolulu is relevant. There are also no Middle Eastern cities in the top 20. Most Americans searching on Google probably won’t be catching Fly Emirates flights any time soon. Cancun was the only Mexican destination on the list. In general, it seems that Americans are not too keen to head to tropical destinations this summer. If they are, they may not be using Google to research that spot!

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