Why Melbourne is the Best Travel Destination for Retirees

Recently, a travel insurance website published a list of the best travel destinations for retirees, with Melbourne, Australia, taking the top spot. This may come as a surprise to many since although Melbourne is one of the largest cities in Australia, it doesn’t regularly top lists when it comes to the best travel destinations. What is it about this city that makes it a good resting spot for people who may even be on a perpetual vacation? In fact, it would make sense to look even deeper into Australia as a top travel destination for retirees. After all, Sydney was the second spot on the aforementioned list.

Local media in Australia picked up the story and provided a couple of reasons why Melbourne was a great city for retirees. The main theme is essentially that it’s a city that gives you a little bit of everything. You want to head to the beach? That can be arranged! Are you looking for luxury hotels and fine dining experiences? Again, those are things that you’re going to be able to find plenty of. One of the things that people sometimes forget about Australia is the size of the country. It almost takes up the entire continent. Melbourne, however, is one of the most well-connected cities. Getting there won’t be a hassle, regardless of whether you’re flying from abroad or traveling from within Australia.

Another element that retirees typically enjoy is the number of spaces to sit back and relax in the city. Melbourne is considered one of the cities with the best national parks in all of Australia. Walking trails are abundant and feature majestic views. In many cases, they are seemingly accessible relatively close to the main city. The weather is another factor that comes into play. Even in the winter months, which take place when it’s summer on the other side of the world, the weather is “decent.” It can drop to within the 40s on the worst days. That’s not considered a harsh winter, at least in some parts of America.

If the main reason why Melbourne topped the list is the seemingly endless number of activities that people take part in within the city, why didn’t a city like LA make the list? There may be a few reasons for this. There are no US cities on the aforementioned list. That may be by design. What is clear is that, at least for the creators of the list, the Aussie chill vibe is something that counts a lot. As mentioned, Sidney was the second-best city for retirees. There’s even a third Australian city within the top 10. Part of this seems to be the fact that people can feel safe and well-treated while visiting these cities. To be fair, those are good elements to take into account for retirees who are looking to travel to new places. The last thing that you want to do is visit a place where you’re feeling constantly threatened. This typical good vibe that the Aussies give off is perfect to create a chill atmosphere that anyone in their 60s and up will enjoy!

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