Eco Lodge: Adrére Amellal at Siwa Oasis in Egypt

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The Siwa oasis is one of Egypt‘s most isolated outposts. It is also a significant historic area, home to the oracle of Amon and many cultural and natural attractions. This renowned oasis in the Sahara desert is the location of Adrère Amellal, a superb desert eco-lodge.

The lodge offers accommodation in 40 handbuilt rooms, all of which reflect the spirit of the Berber culture and feel authentic. All buildings at Adrère Amellal are constructed with earth, clay and salt rock, their earthen color making them blend in exceptionally well in the desert landscape. Furniture and decorations in the guestrooms and the communal areas were made by local artisans and craftspeople. There is no electricity in the rooms, but light is provided by atmospheric oil lamps, torches and candles. This, of course, greatly reduces the lodge’s ecological footprint, while at the same time adding immensely to its charm.

This focus on minimalism is what makes Adrère Amellal such a great eco-lodge. What makes things even more impressive is that there is absolutely no lack of comfort. Food served at the lodge’s restaurant is organic and prepared with ingredients from the lodge’s own gardens or purchased from local farmers. Guests can enjoy lunch by the pool, which, incidentally, gets its water from a local, ancient Roman well, while dinner tends to be served somewhere different each night.

As welcoming as the lodge may be, guests will want to spend time exploring the Siwa oasis and the surrounding Sahara desert. This extraordinary landscape of palm trees, lush gardens and orchards, and salt lakes and sand dunes offers a wide variety of attractions and activities. There are several cultural highlights in the Siwa oasis, including the iconic Temple of Amun where Alexander the Great was baptized, the magnificent ruins of the Shali Fortress and a collection of fascinating Roman ruins. A visit to the old town center with its bustling markets, labyrinth of alleys and wonderful Berber architecture is an absolute must as well. Things to do range from camel rides in the Sahara desert to sandboarding, dining in the dunes, relaxing in natural warm water springs and excursions on horseback.

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