Will Inflation Impact Your Summer Vacation?

Inflation is one of the main concerns that people currently have to contend with. Every time you get home from the grocery store, you could be feeling the effects of inflation on your wallet. Therefore, it’s smart to consider this when planning your summer holiday. These are some of the ways that inflation can impact your summer vacation, as well as alternatives or ways to circumvent some of these issues.

Transportation Costs Could Be on the Rise

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Fuel prices and therefore, transportation costs in general could be on the rise. This could certainly impact travel in a variety of ways. It may actually be a great opportunity, though. This could sound counterintuitive, but it may not be a great time to take the family on a road trip. The staycation alternative or driving instead of taking other means of transportation is always considered the budget option. However, motor vehicle repairs and even car insurance are two of the things that have been hit the most by inflation over the last year!

You may want to think outside the box here; you can only drive so far, and you’ll typically stay within the country. Maybe you can invest in air travel and fly to a place where the price of food and overall entertainment, as well as lodging, is lower than what you can find locally. Run the numbers; they may surprise you!

Find Airline Deals

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Yes, fuel costs could be on the rise, which means that plane tickets should go up as well. Remember, though, that airlines have different ways of making money off flights. They may try to hook you with a low rate for the ticket because they know that on the back end, they’ll charge you for luggage, preferred seating, or whatever it may be. Two can play that game, though! Pack light, sit where they tell you to sit. Do everything that you can do to stretch that low rate without having to pay add-ons. If you’re willing to not be as comfortable on the journey, you may end up saving some good money.

Can Going to an All Inclusive Help Combat Rising Food Prices?

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One of the areas where people can sense inflation almost immediately is in food prices. A lot like the road trip idea, usually people feel they can save money if they take their own car and maybe rent an Airbnb instead of a hotel. Then they go out and do their shopping and cooking within the house. Could it actually be cheaper, though, to head to an all-inclusive property? Again, it may be worth it to run the numbers. Even if the all-inclusive is a bit more expensive, you’ll weigh both experiences up against each other. You may find that this is a decent alternative, particularly if you head to a destination that features lower prices for amenities than what you’d pay locally. The cost of drinks is also one of the spots where inflation has hit the hardest. That could mean all-inclusive prices will be up as well, but you can still beat the house on some nights.

Avoiding Certain Meals

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If you’re fighting to stay on budget while on your summer vacation, it could be a good year to pass on the dinner at the steak house. This is not a joke by any stretch of the imagination. The cost of beef roasts is up 11%. It’s one of the products that’s been hit the hardest by inflation this year. Knowing this, it could be a good year to look for new meals to enjoy. Another solution could be to go to the all-inclusive resort mentioned earlier or even a cruise. Make sure that meat is part of the buffet or the menu that’s included. That way, you won’t have to cut those meals from your diet to save for this summer.

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